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  1. 5-HT2A

    Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has died at the age of 41, according to The Los Angeles County Coroner.

    Bennington hanged himself inside a private home in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County, TMZ reports. According to the gossip site, the singer struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and had previously talked about suicide as the result of childhood trauma and abuse.

    For years, he acted as the frontman to the rock group, whose hits include “Faint,” “In the End” and “Crawling.”

    He leaves behind six children from two marriages, according to TMZ.

    Original Source

    Jul 20, 2017, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington dead at 41, FOX News


  1. Name goes here
    Hard rock, hard drug use and a hard life is a lot for anyone to handle. My condolences go out to his family.
  2. Mingo123
    Six kids have a daddy that committed suicide - painful legacy!
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  3. amielynn
    So sad...........leaving the kids fatherless and the pain that he must have been going though. Only others that have been down the path of depression can understand.
  4. cra$h
    This came as a huge shocker. I grew up listening to linkin park and even liked some of the STP things he did. He was never known for being a hard partying maniac or being open with drug/depression issues. A terrible tragedy not only to the rock n roll community but to the world as a whole. Makes me wonder if Chris Cornell's suicide had any role in this one. Either way, R.I.P. Chester. You will be forever loved and sincerely missed....
  5. Dr. Horshenschwartz
    A total asshole for doing that to his kids.
    Obviously whoever was close to him loses too, but nothing is closer than your own kids.
    Hopefully the kids can come to realize he made an extremely selfish decision.
  6. amielynn
    @Dr. Horshenschwartz Yes it is a selfish thing to do. I personally had a brother and a niece commit suicide, and it was devastating for everyone. My sister (my nieces mother) and my mother have never been the same for the last 20 years. However, you don't know what kind of suffering he was going through and what his mindset was at the time.
    1. Dr. Horshenschwartz
      Had my Father do this when I was 6.
      What are we to feel about these people? Feel bad for them? Why, they are dead. Forgive them? I guess. Who suffers after suicide? Only the ones left behind.
      What is the right decision for the other parent; tell the six year old the truth? Maybe make up a story about what happened; when do you tell the truth? Is it harder to deal with suicide as a very young child or harder to deal with when you learn many years later that the story was a lie?
      Parents want kids to tell the truth, but think what happens when the parents are caught lying.
    2. amielynn
      I'm sorry your father did this to you. I believe we should feel sad and concerned for everyone suffering depression and/or suicidal thoughts. No matter who they are. And YES, children need to be told the truth, always. I was lied to about who my father was until I was 33 and a family member told me. It tore my whole world apart! I'm sorry you were lied to, no one should be told anything other than the truth.
  7. aemetha
    Human beings are universally selfish. Some say it is selfish to take ones own life because it hurts those left behind. Others say it is selfish to require a person not take their own life because it hurts them not to. Ultimately the difference is just one of perspective, and there is no way to objectively determine which path would result in the most pain. I would think it more meaningful and productive to blame and seek to change the circumstances that led him to feel this way in the first place.
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    1. Dr. Horshenschwartz
      Meaningful and productive! Agreed. Only anguish for others is created by suicide. The person who commits suicide could have changed their outcome.
  8. ladywolf2012
    Imagine the degree of anguish he must have been feeling, to leave six children behind. No one kills themselves selfishly--they do it out of despair and hopelessness and a feeling of not belonging, as my own mother did. While I feel sad for the children, I hope that Chester managed to attain a level of peace.
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    1. Dr. Horshenschwartz
      Who should the kids blame?
      You suppose he had a shitty healthcare plan and couldn't afford to get help?
      Six kids? Really? How many of those kids were going to make things better?
  9. Cognitive
    People who don´t suffer from depression NEVER will understand the pain and suffer that this ilness cause to a human being and tend to judge people who commit suicide as a weakness or selfishness. I consider myself a very common guy which loves life. I used to judge people who commit suicide as cowards, but when I had a big depression and stayed weeks at the bed, I really knew why these people suffer and why they want to die. I desired that I could jump to the hell only to escape from what I was feeling. It´s very sudden and one cannot control what he´s thinking anymore.
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    1. Dr. Horshenschwartz
      I've had my battle with depression as well and thoughts of dying.
      What was so bad that you wanted to?
  10. wilk23wilk
    When the substances don't mask the pain anymore... you wander what's next.
  11. bamackc
    Some dude who helped make shit music offed himself, OH NO!!

    But what about his kids?!?!

    Oh no!!

    Meanwhile, your next-door neighbor dose the same thing and all you know is that bright flashing lights were happening the other night
  12. bamackc
    Get a grip
    1. Dr. Obscure
      Uncanny bro that you utter this phrase. I am a member on the NoFap forum (NoFap's tagline on their site logo is 'Get a new grip on life') and someone posted an honorary thread for Chaz this week.

      Anyways RIP Chester and ya I am a nub here.
  13. Jackofalltradesmasterofno
    I read on a website that both chester and cornell had uncovered information about hollywood pedophile rings and were going public with the information and were murdered because of this. Also I think that depression is just a way we react to what we see or experience in this world and is actually normal and healthy when you consider the circumstances of living. I think the drugs that are prescribed for depression are worse than depression itself. Being happy or depressed are just the opposite sides of our mental coin that we must have in order for us to realize that life is a crap shoot and we just have to do the best we can.
  14. amielynn
    I agree that antidepressants have been over prescribed. But there is a difference between depressed and feeling sad or a little down. Life does have its ups and downs, and it is normal to feel emotion when good or bad things happen.

    However, depression is a whole other ball park. It is a chemical imbalance that sometimes needs medication. If someone is crying ALL day long, then it is not just sadness, it's depression. It's not normal to cry all of the time. That is a sign that something is wrong.

    This could be brought on by many things, a tragedy, drug use, or in my case some years ago......I couldn't tell what was wrong with me. There weren't any tragedy's going on and my life was good, but I just felt like crying all of the time. That's when I knew I needed help.

    Hopefully this makes some sense to you.
  15. usedtocare
    Parenthood does not imply a covenant that a parent must endure what is (perhaps subjectively but real nonetheless) an inordinate amount of pain and suffering,
    Yes, he had children. Children need happy parents.
    Lot's of fathers rape their children.
    I tend to agree that generally it is a tragedy for those left behind but do not judge a man's actions with such a pontificating broad brushstroke.
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  16. ladywolf2012
    Before my mother committed suicide, she used to say frequently things like,"Some day I'll just stick my head in the oven and then you and your father will finally be happy." I think she truly believed that the quality of our lives would be better off without her...
    1. amielynn
      At my lowest times I have truly felt that my loved ones would be better off without me. So I know what she was saying. Now that I am better I know that they would be devastated.
  17. Jackofalltradesmasterofno
    I know this sounds kind of crazy but last night I was watching you tube because Alice Cooper has a new record that came out on July 28 which btw is very good and apparently he knew both chester and cornell and in the recommendations popped up lincoln park and chester. Although I was really only looking for the new stuff on Alice's new record I decided to check out two of these. One was a video where chester is playing basketball with like some kind of demons and in the end a little girl kills him and this is an official warner brothers video, it was a frightening video with a lot of occult overtones and then he dies in the end and the little girl is laughing. The other one I watched claimed that john podesta was chesters real father and is the one who molested him when he was a child. At first I thought it was bs but chester looks almost exactly like podesta and a lot of the things they reported sounded like they could be true. I have all the songs by soundgarden and lincoln park that have been released on Rock Band video game and have always enjoyed playing them although I never could really understand what all the lyrics were about so I care about these guys if only for that if and for the mood and honesty of the music. When I say I think they both were murdered I am not trying to be disrespectful but It just doesnt seem right.
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  18. ladywolf2012
    I am reading my own memoirs right now, and after a serious suicide attempt many years ago, I wrote the following:

    "So yes,I do know. All of us who have tried it know how hard it is to take one's own life. It takes phenomenal courage to finally pull the plug and let a life drain away that has been frequently full of despair, but also moments of great joy. Cowardly? Oh, not at all. Do you think that anyone who takes this step really wants to? Don't be absurd. Every cell in the body clings to life desperately, and only a deeply disturbed mind has the power to overcome the body's natural desire to go on existing..."
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  19. usedtocare
    I agree with Lady Wolf, but maybe for different reasons, as an individual with a constant barrage of suicidal ideation, I think ending your own life on your own terms is a fundamental human right and to suggest it is cowardly is almost as absurd as trying to legislate against it.
    When I think of Hemingway and Spalding Gray, both of whom I admire tremendously, I cannot help think that despite the pain they caused their loved ones I doubt their art would have been as timeless had they received "today's proliferation of anti-depressants."
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