Lip Service

By Heretic.Ape. · Jul 26, 2008 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Lip Service
    (Or a Failed Attempt To Think of Something Other Than You)

    The Scene does its best to impress: sunlight angles down
    And to the left, just so, coaxing a neon moss colored glow
    From the surface of the small lake resting like a green broken egg
    Beneath a wreath of trees and grey rock outcropping;

    The patch of sky exposed to my eyes is blue, then white,
    Blue, then white, then blue again as the wind, like some furious djin,
    Expands its chest, extends its breath, pushes the clouds fast
    By the mountains patient head;

    Huddled below at the humus feet of coniferous spires
    (That set my mind whispering at the futile span of one life) tiny
    Villages of mycotic albinos open white and mud colored umbrellas to
    Ward off sunburn while collecting the freshly fallen rain;

    The whole scene practically rolls over onto its back like a cat
    Purring for its belly to be scratched by hands with haiku fingers,
    I attempt to muster the attention deserved—enjoy, savor,
    Let it take me over-- but attention wavers, I see your face and it’s over

    The scene recedes to a shadow cast on the screen of my senses
    Appreciation stutters and slips into half hearted lip service
    Until, finally, unable to compete, the whole thing excuses itself
    Discreetly, fades completely, leaves me to my dreaming

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  1. savingJenniB
    Wow! Wonderful imagery!
    Personally, I like this one the best ~
    Gave them all shiny golden stars
    Like kindergarten.

    Thanks for the poetic blogs!
    Worth reading a second time!
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    thanks :)
    this one's my favorite too.
  3. TMM
    I can see you're a fan of
    Enjambement, and my own Haiku
    Fingers can find few words to type
    Adequate for praise or plaudit,
    So here's this
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