Listen to LIBER AL

By enquirewithin · Feb 16, 2012 · ·
  1. enquirewithin

    A reading of LIBER AL. Note the near hysterical comments of some who think Crowley was a rapist and murderer.

    He never did really tell us about the strange drugs and heroin addiction didn't seem to help him much... but the text 'dictated' by an entity called Aiwass is interesting to read or listen to.

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  1. helikophis
    Well he did write quite a bit about cannabis and "Anhalonium Lewinii". I don't know if those are strange enough for you, but I'm certain they were pretty strange to Victorians!
  2. enquirewithin
    They were indeed! He missed benzedrine somehow, but he loved his happy dust, ether and and heroin! He would have had amazed at we have today.
  3. Routemaster Flash
    I can't wait for some psycho hardcore GOPer to get hold of this and 'prove' that 'liberals' are all Satan-worshipping bisexual junkies because AC wrote a book called 'Liber AL'...
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