Literary Genius!

By Mick Mouse · Jan 3, 2012 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, after a reasonably good night, hot morning shower, and a few good pulls of my MMJ, I had a flash of literary brilliance that is on par with Hemmingway's decision to switch to rum and move to Cuba or Tolstoy's decision to rename his novel from Same Shit, Different Decade to War and Peace!

    Ready? OK, here it is....A theme song for my blog!

    Wow. Seeing it in writing doesn't seem to have the same impact as it did while in my head That actually happens to me a lot, for some reason.

    Anyway, I have decided that, at least until I think about it again, the theme song for my blog will be "Changes" by David Bowie.

    I actually have some fond memories of Glam-Rock, Ziggy Stardust, and the Spiders from Mars, among others. I probably should never say things like that out loud or in public, though! Might date myself or something.

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  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, it never fails! You have an idea like this one and you let it sit around in the back of your mind for who knows how long, until you finally find just the right song that says what you want to say, then the next day you find 30 more that are as good or better!

    Anyway, here is another theme song that might be appropriate. This one comes from American Country and Western, written by Brad Paisley, called Welcome to the Future.

    Lets open this up a bit. I know that I am not the only confused man who would like to enjoy a simple life, so you tell me....What song or songs do you think would work as your "theme song"?
  2. Mick Mouse
    Time in a Bottle, by Jim Croche.
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