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Liverpool man is first in UK to die after taking deadly new drug PMA

By catseye, Aug 19, 2011 | | |
  1. catseye
    DEADLY new drug PMA has claimed its first life in the UK after a Merseyside man died.


    Lee Monaghan, 29, of Grafton Street, Toxteth, died on June 8 after taking para-methoxyamphetamine, or PMA, a potent hallucinogenic which dangerously overstimulates the nervous system.

    It is thought he was its first victim in the UK.

    At a Liverpool inquest yesterday, deputy coroner Douglas Fraser urged the public to “resist the temptation” to try the potentially fatal pills or powder.

    Lee’s family also spoke out to appeal to other young people not to seek the high which killed the much-loved “gentle giant”, whose funeral at All Hallows Church, in Allerton, was attended by hundreds of mourners.

    Pathologist Dr Jonathan Medcalf, who carried out a post mortem on Lee, said PMA – also known by the street name “cloverleaf” – is a hallucinogenic similar to MDMA or ecstasy.

    The inquest yesterday heard a statement from his brother Craig, who described how Mr Monaghan was behaving strangely in the hours leading up to his death.

    The 6ft 6in, 27-stone man, who had no underlying medical conditions, was reported to have been “seeing things” in the hours before he was found at home suffering breathing difficulties shortly after 2pm.

    Mr Monaghan’s brother called an ambulance but he died later the same day.

    Small plastic bags containing powder were recovered from Mr Monaghan’s bedroom and found to contain PMA and cocaine.

    Dr Medcalf said Mr Monaghan had a fatal concentration of PMA, which he called a “potent hallucinogen”, in his system when he died, as well as traces of alcohol and cocaine.

    The pathologist added it was the first time he or any of his colleagues had come across the drug in their careers.

    Mr Fraser said he was concerned that PMA had appeared in Merseyside.

    He recorded a verdict of death due to non-dependent use of drugs, adding: “I have no power to stop anyone tempted to try this new drug.

    “However I would urge people tempted to resist that temptation and look at what happened to Lee Monaghan.

    “It could be them next.”

    Mr Fraser also praised an investigation by Merseyside police to target the source of supply and get the deadly drug off the streets.

    Speaking after the inquest, Lee’s mother Rita told the ECHO she wanted to make sure other people knew the dangers of PMA.

    She said: “Lee was not drug-dependent – he took this once and it killed him.

    “I want other people to know just how dangerous it is and if anyone is thinking about using it to see what happened to my son.

    “I don’t want another family to have to go through this.”


    by John Sutton, Liverpool Echo
    Aug 19 2011


  1. C.D.rose
    I'm a little confused here... I thought PMA was a fairly old drug (in the sense of not being "new", like mephedrone or something) that has sometimes been found in pills supposed to be MDMA. Wikipedia confirms that. Is this about a different drug that's also abbreviated PMA?

    Just wonderin'...
  2. catseye
    ^^ it does sound like its the same thing: para-methoxyamphetamine. I'm assuming this is the first death in the UK actually linked to it in its pure form? (Isn't it usually mixed with other things when it is passed off as MDMA?).
    Its also noted in the story that he had cocaine and alcohol in his system too, so not a good combination in any sense :(
  3. _Dante_
    Quite possibly is PMA being passed off as something else as you both suggest. Let's face it, we cannot rely on the journalist to give us an accurate account of the drug, how much was taken, or what it was thought to be...

    This is becoming increasingly worrying for anyone else thinking they are taking ecstasy or MDMA.
  4. shockabargegnar
    pma is super dangerous even on it's own, so is alcohol, and cocaine. combined in any way shape or form obviously is much more which is probably what did him in. Why don't they stress that people think about interactions, not just preach abstinence? it's crazy how it's never mentioned, but all the people I know who got hurt...were mixing. Most people don't even factor alcohol into these things either because of how some people barely consider it a drug. sad though, I wonder if he knew it was pma, or if it was advertised as something else to him, sad in any case.
  5. voiceduck
    I took five PMA pills a few weeks ago ("Red Mitsubishis"). I didn't mean to, but it fucked me up royally. I threw up around 70 (yes, seventy) times, luckily at my friends house. Felt ok in the club, but certainly not the same effects as MDMA. RIP man, a fucking horrible drug, horrible way to go. Thankfully media is reporting it as PMA, not "ecstasy" on it's own. They don't call it "death" for no reason.
  6. voiceduck
    Also can I add, I can't believe this is the first death from PMA / PMMA. I can't believe dealers sell this shit. I can't wait to see the dealer who sold me the PMA, I'll make him feel it. I hope a lot more people are aware of this now, I would rather be on almost any other drug than taking that PMA again. It was probably the worst experience of my life, I was lying down, in the bathroom, my stomach was INSANELY cramping, my diaphram was almost in my throat - the roof was spinning at 200mph, looked like it was ready to swallow me, my heart visibly thumping against my chest. Then I would throw up twice. This was repeated around 6 times a minute (so 12 vomits per minute). I can't even stress how bad of a drug this is, I took 5 and probably should of gone to hospital, imagine if I'd of took 7/8? I could of been like this guy.. be careful people!
  7. jejune
    PMA isn't new, and deaths have been attributed to it going back almost 40 years, in Canada at least. I note it was "new" then too:

  8. voiceduck
    I meant in the Uk..
  9. jejune

    I cited decades-old reports of fatalities in Canada as supporting evidence for your view, i.e. given PMA fatalities were reported in Canada so long ago, how likely is it that the reported PMA fatality in the UK is, in fact, the first?

    Not bloody likely, it seems to me.
  10. Seaquake
    It's almost certainly not the first death ever. I suspect they mean in recent times. I'm sure I read something where deaths from PMA was discussed in connection with the phenethylamines amendments to the MoDA.

    ah Looks like I was thinking 4-MTA.
  11. Alfa
    If its not new, its no news. And journalists are often too lazy to dig long for facts.
  12. voiceduck
    Yep, chances are they jump the gun and blame "xtc"
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