living in the southeastern US (aka the bible belt) it, hate it, or both

By Ilsa · Nov 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Ilsa
    shall swiwe start with the bad and work our way up to the good? swim thinks so.

    the south is full of religious nuts. unfortunately, for anyone with chronic pain or anxiety this translates into getting the meds they need into a near impossible task. and forget about needle exchange, let alone even being able to buy em in most places (at least in this state, and btw florida doesn't count as the bible belt really, too many northeastern transplants). swim doesn't have chronic pain, but has been on clonazepam (klonopin for years) and suddenly, despite complete medical records from florida, can't find a psych to prescribe here to save her life. she's been to two already and it's not cheap (she won't bother with the student medical center b/c she knows there's less than zero chance they'll prescribe any controlled substance. fuck it's frustrating!! esp when ppl look at her like she's asking them for heroin or somehting--it's just a benzo here ppl. jebus h christ.

    that said, swim will move on to the good things. she loves the smoky mountains, not having to worry about gators in the lakes (this isn't florida anymore toto), seasons (even though she complains incessantly about the cold lol), having family and long-time friends close by again. she loves how nice ppl are here and is grateful to have grown up here for sure.

    does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with where they live?

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  1. old hippie 56
    Love Texas but hate the town. Too many extremes.

    By the way , nice pic.
  2. ScorpioSunshine
    Swim lives in GA, so she completely understands. Yes, swim loves it here, and she will live her all her life, but she hates the backward ways. Swim attended college in the north. She loved her years away, and though she is glad to be home, she gets very frustrated when dealing with the ignorance and intolerance. Swim does her best to combat it, but as swiy knows, that can be impossible!
  3. TheContrivance
    SWIM used to live in Florida and loves it there. SWIM now lives in Utah...this was a big change for SWIM. SWIM loves the mountains and seasons, but isn't fond of close-minded mormons being everywhere and the very strict laws here. SWIM does plan on moving back to FL eventually.
  4. purplehaze
    I live in the southeastern U.S. too, I lived in florida for a good while in my life(penscola and panama mainly), now i reside in Alabama. I love the land and hate the people, luckily theres not that many of them, southern hospitality has been replaced by peer redneckitry and theres only about 15 maybe 20% of people that i enjoy being around out of a crowd. Im like a magnet everywere i go, people i dont like want to be around me. Im a happy guy, always laughing and shit, maybe im too nice, because they always mistake that i wanna be friends. Sure im accepting of whatever you do and who you are but that doesn't exactly mean we should be friends now does it lol.

    Anyway, Phaze got tired of bullshiting his doctor a long time ago and was straight with him, he told him he studies drugs and knows about addiction and drug effects. He had a long conversation with his doctor using alot of chemical names and reasons to treat people with certain drugs. After that his doctor didnt want to write him shit. He thought he was a drug addict obviously(which besides pot is absolutely ludicrous). So he switched doctors, he told the doctor he was there to get his xanax (alprazam) filled and the doctor absolutely would not write it to him.

    The way the doctor talked to Phaze and looked at him like he was lookin down his nose infuriated phaze. He told him that he knew that he was giving prescriptions to some patients (phaze knew people who would talk to him about scripts and he knew they were selling drugs, dirty doctor went to school with a few of his patients and was getting his cut) and that he could go to hell that phaze isnt a godamn drug addict. On the way out the door phaze said fuck you and left, he also refused to pay the co pay but that didnt work it got billed to him anyway. Phaze wanted to beat the doctor down in the doctors office for treating him with so much disrespect, just because you know a thing or to about drugs doesnt make you a fuckin drug addict. Phaze isnt a snitch but he thought about turning the doctor in for being a fuckwad to him, he couldnt do anything like that tho.

    Speaking of beating doctors down phaze knows a guy who framed his loony certification in his living room and makes bold claims of being able to kill you and not even go to jail. The doctor wouldn't write him his prescription and he took a cane to the doctor and told him if he didnt he was gonna paint the wall with his smart little head. Oddly enough the doctor wrote him his script.

    BTW you're a pretty girl, kinda look familiar honestly. Anyways bee well, payce.
  5. PsychoActivist
    Yeh SWIM lives in Georgia. He hates it. They stop selling alcohol at 11:45 and of course on Sundays. It's so stupid. Whatever happened to separation of church and state?
  6. ScorpioSunshine
    When swim lived in Ohio she was not only shocked to be able to buy liquor/beer on Sundays, but to also be able to by liquor, actual liquor in a grocery store! *hehe* Swim's friends there thought she was a big dork, but they didn't understand the prohibitions in GA.
  7. Pope Albacore
    SWIM lived in East Texas for years and he knows what SWIY are going through. Fortunately, SWIM was able to find a "good doctor". Basically, one that did not take insurance but instead just accepted the office visit fee and would pretty much let SWIM name SWIM's poison.

    These doctors do exist but it takes time and patience to find them. They seem to be a dying breed. What is even more jacked up is the fact that what SWIY is asking for is pretty reasonable. Best of luck to SWIY.

    -Pope Albacore
  8. Electrolingus
    I have an extreme love/hate relationship with my home town. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. The city is amazing. The music scene is great. We have one of the best art schools in the country. But... Heroin & Cocaine are all over the city. At the turn of this century, I think we had the highest per capita heroin addiction rate of any city in the United States. I love Baltimore, but staying off of heroin is not easy to do here. I mean even the exit signs on Interstate-83 that goes into the city make me crave and reminisce. I have lived in many places, both in the states and abroad, but I ALWAYS come back to Charm City.
  9. Ilsa
    swim has found a doctor who will prescribe clonazepam, no anti's, no bullshit....he even got it when she said that she felt like she got so anxious it overwhelmed her and she got depressed from feeling constantly overwhelmed!!

    that may seem sensical to most, but no psychiatrist would ever admit that to her, save the last one she saw. the only reason swim isn't seeeing her still is that she was putting swim on increasingly large doses of gabapentin, which swim felt was probably going to lead to some form of hepatotoxicity eventually. oh yeah, and because benzodiazepines are designed to be anxiolytics, it's not just some random side effect. praise the gods for GABA receptors.
  10. cyndi
    Swim was raised in the deep south and now is in Texas. Yes swiy it is impossible to get benzos here. All the trauma I went through and got an ssri, woo hoo I am better now. Anyway swim has panic attacks and really needs benzos, nothing else really works. I am moving to some country where they are over the counter, here Costa Rica is nice. JK!

    Oh yes swim was raised Penticostal. People that know me are sure to have a laugh on that one. Church all the time and alllll day. Very bible belt for sure. Swim married a Baptist preacher's son and converted, not a lot of difference with Southern Baptists. Most here are like that.

    What I love about the south, no snow, yay! Beaches where I am and not a lot of population. People are friendly here too. They can be jerks in the city.
  11. Ilsa
    ^^wow, yeah, swim was sent off to a fundamental independent baptist boarding school for 13 months when her mom decided to remarry and swim was being difficult....she remembers how pissed her mom was when swim's drug tests all came back clean (swim hadn't ever even smoked pot at that point, about 14 yo). it made her mom feel so angry, swim thinks, because that meant that her mom's placing her boyfriend over swim was the cause of the acting out (running away, being a brat in general, but no drugs, not at that point). but, having been raised catholic, it was HUGE shock to be on lock-down in that kind of environment. years later, she discovered that the staff there had actually been dosing all the girls with thorazine every day for the 13 months she was there. all the side effects were there, but none of the girls had any idea, for the most part, what thorazine even was....we all just thought it strange that a staff member would sit at the end of every table at breakfast, and INSIST that we all finish our oj. crazy. fortunately, they were shut down, as they had been previously in in missourri, mississippi, florida and then finally in tennessee on allegations of child abuse.

    swim is done with the big city thing also....she loves the college town she's in now (where she grew up) because the mountains are just a stone's throw away :)
  12. soma
    SWIM lives in Dallas, Texas.. He is an athiest, has athiest friends, etc. He also has no trouble getting absolutely insane amounts of benzos, opiates, and adderall. He has been "dr shopping" for years, and hasn't failed (meaning, not walk out with desired script) in years. Not to mention "other" drugs that are transshipped through mexico, SWIM think Dallas is a very good drug city.
  13. Kymistry
    It drives me FN crazy. It would do the same to you if you knew the truth. Ignorance has been the driving force of the south for a long time now. Yahna wut i mean. Idiots. Makes me itch just thinkin of how I once was. We should build a Giant toilet and flush they ass to HELL. They will just make stupid kids who will turn out twice as dumb as they are today. The end grows near for us all. Heaven is reserved for the most high of intelligence. Nobody is dumb there. They all know one thing and that's who they are and where they came from. Nothing else matters. May they ROT in Peaces.
  14. Vein_Banger
    Cant really comment on anything but the Smokies, they are Beautiful aye? Swim lives in TN and goes there often! And not just your precious lil benzo's, but EVERYTHING is hard to get here, like pulling teeth to get PK's
  15. Ilsa
    ^^thank the Tennessee Drug Diversion Task Force and general crackdowns on doctors who treat pain or anythign rquiring narcotics. lovely.
  16. thebige
    hi Ilsa...........thebige has lived all over,and no matter where you go...........its all the same......well good luck.....................bige
  17. inazone
    I have lived in in a few of those southern states but for me rural Ohio had to be one of the worst as far as Benzos go, in any state and Ive been around some, what seems to work most times is just a few simple teqhiques.Benzos are prescribed to nervous people for panic attacks generally, which in my case has lead to a shortness of breath, Ive also been diagnosed with asthma and allergies which can kill you. Most times I get my benzos and rescue inhaler without much of a fuss. Now there has been a time or two when ,usually by a younger Dr. who tries to explain the evils of narcotic drug use coupled by addiction and suggests the use of off-label meds from vistiril to depakote. Honestly I have not had a difficult time in the South or by Christian minded Drs., could be the skill set Ive developed over the years not to over-talk my case, dress appropriately and keep my focus upon why Im there.
  18. Pseudovoyager
    Swim's lived in the southeast most of his life and he says it's totally cool. The concept of "southern hospitality" is a real thing, for sure; as with anywhere, though, there are the nuts. There's a lot of stims out his way, which is always good, but a lack of opiates, in his experience. Kentucky was one of swim's favourite places to live, by far.
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