local H hits my hometown...

By RunRedFox · Jun 17, 2006 ·
  1. RunRedFox

    Heroin killed two and possibly three Wilmington residents within recent days. Two died in one week.

    They might be victims in a national massacre. Some heroin has been spiked with a super-powerful drug that stops users from breathing. It can happen so quickly that they have no time to get help.

    According to a wire story out of Chicago, the hybrid concoction has killed at least 130 people in that city and Detroit, and has sent people across the Midwest to hospitals.

    It's also possible that the local stuff is simply more powerful than users expect. Whatever the ingredients in the dope on Wilmington streets, would-be users should remember that these are drugs made by big-time criminals with no conscience. No sensible person would put their products into his or her body. There's no way to know what might happen.

    The authorities have issued so many overblown warnings against the dangers of drugs that many users laugh them off. But the heroin on our streets today is no laughing matter.

    so far the small city in which i live has been highlighted now for a third time... first salvia suicide, then LSD chemist busted now killer heroin... god i live in a wonderful place....:cool:

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