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  1. chillinwill
    A MUM ravaged by rave drug GBL last night pleaded to be locked up - before it kills her.

    Just two months ago The Sun told how pretty Mikaila Tyhurst had been horrifically transformed by her addiction.

    But shockingly the 22-year-old's looks have plummeted again.

    Despite a ten-day detox last month she still takes the drug and says she should be sectioned in hospital to beat her addiction.

    Mikaila said: "I need to be locked up for a long time and get my life back - before it's too late."

    Dad Dario Hargreaves, 40, has been battling to get her sectioned so she can get clean of the drug, which is legal and can be extracted from everyday items.

    But he said red-tape makes it impossible, adding: "I love her so much, it kills me."

    The first picture of Mikaila was taken on her 18th birthday.

    Just four years later she looked old enough to be her mum.

    Yesterday at home in Crumpsall, Greater Manchester, her puffy haggard face was WORSE - covered in cuts and bruises after falls while "high".

    She has been hospitalised five times in five days.

    Mikaila - taken in by two elderly church-goers while her family care for her four-year-old daughter - said: "I can't bear to look at myself."

    Last night Manchester social services promised to investigate her case.

    Ministers plan to ban GBL (chemical name gamma-butyrolactone) - but only as a Class C drug.

    November 17, 2009
    The Sun


  1. Laszlo1
    Re: Lock me up or this drug will kill me

    Maybe she's doing it wrong... Swim can't understand how GBL cut her face up.
  2. theendperson
    Re: Lock me up or this drug will kill me

    ........from falling over, like it says in the text.
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