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Lollipops containing THC found in CA

By akcom · Apr 18, 2005 · ·
  1. akcom


    funny shit, straight from microgram


  1. radiometer
    Of course they're labelled - they are made for medical marijuana-using
    patients in California. As you can expect, some of them obviously get
    diverted for recreational use.

    And they are delicious and quite effective, I might add.[​IMG]
  2. radiometer
    Yeah, I see what you mean that the guy should have removed the labels.
    On the other hand, the guy had meth and MDMA on him too. They didn't
    mention what gave him away.
  3. radiometer
    It's odd that the guy was coming into CA with a product that is only
    sold here. Maybe he was a resident who took them for a trip and was
    returning with the leftovers?

    *edit* I re-read it, you got it slightly wrong...the guy was leaving from CA
    with them.Edited by: radiometer
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