Lonely misery (Fuck you society!)

By drbeer · Jul 4, 2008 · ·
  1. drbeer
    This is a song boozer wrote that talks how he feels toward people. Know that he has lived a lot of shit, pain and misery in his life. Even though he tries to be positive and loving, it's hard to hide that side of him.

    I'm sorry for those that might be hurt by this but that's what 20 years of loneliness and pain has done.

    Goodbye cruel world
    Now I know that I wasn't made to be with you
    My body is crippled since birth
    And society made me lose my mind

    I'm made for nobody
    Everyone around thinks I'm ugly
    I try to make people feel better
    But my mind is getting sicker
    Cause nobody care about a sick fucker

    I ain't happier
    Humans doesn't give a fuck about half-men
    They just pity them to look good
    And then they leave them on the side

    All alone
    Far from prejudices
    Farer from appreciation
    Closer to mental alienation
    Farthest from loveliness

    I can't handle being forgotten anymore
    Used, bruised and Ignored
    All my life I was alone
    Because of it I can't connect to others

    People can't understand what true pain is
    And even less tolerate and appreciate the ones that has passed through this
    I do not wish anymore to be a good person
    If somebody closer would have gotten
    I would probably still have my reason

    Nobody really cares about me
    I shouldn't have closed my eyes and hope
    Cause all I'm made for is being lonely

    Society doesn't give a fuck about four-wheeled dopes
    Even if they can be perfectly functionnal everywhere
    And stand up like their pairs
    If they're weaker... They should be loners!

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  1. cyndi
    This is a very honest poem about your feelings then. It is a wonderful thing that you have overcome all that and are the good person you are today. :)
  2. purplehaze
    Phaze likes writing music aswell, some songs have more truth to them than others. Most are just for fun and creative.

    Heres a thread phaze made a while ago, if your interested he wouldn't mind you writing a song or two and adding it to the list.

    One thing that phaze likes about your song above is the fact that you let true feelings go onto paper and had the balls to post them on the forum. If thats not courage i dont know what is. It may not be in person but expelling your fears or your problems about yourself can be hard at times. Congrats my friend.
  3. purplehaze
  4. drbeer
    Will be a pleasure to post other songs, if people want to read them... At least boozer knows phaze'll read them...
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