Loner high on cannabis killed Harrods assistant

By dr ACE · Feb 3, 2008 · Updated Feb 3, 2008 · ·
  1. dr ACE
    From the telegraph from end of last year.

    Loner high on cannabis killed Harrods assistant

    Last Updated: 2:38am GMT 16/11/2007

    Loner high on cannabis killed Harrods assistant
    Garath Davies, 23, convicted of murdering Egeli Rasta, 27

    A loner has been convicted of murdering a Harrods shop worker who was found buried on the London common where she used to jog.

    The body of Egeli Rasta, 27, who vanished in July last year, lay undiscovered for 12 days.

    Police found a knife covered in her blood at the home of Garath Davies, 23, who lived nearby.

    The name Gaz was carved into a tree in the copse on Mitcham Common, south London, where the body was found.

    Davies told police: "I'm afraid I might have done it. I can't remember."

    He told the court that at the time he was smoking cannabis and on that day was "very stoned".

    An Old Bailey jury found him guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice by burying the body to avoid detection.

    He will be sentenced later.


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  1. tokinsmokin
    Thats absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Coconut
    It will play out like this:

    "Cannabis made him murder."

    But, logically, it should play out like this:

    "He committed murder but just happened to be stoned at the time."

    How many murders have been committed by drunks as opposed to stoners I wonder? Probably many thousands of times more.
  3. enquirewithin
    Perhaps he is a liar as well as a murderer. Sounds like he is trying to blame his violence on drugs to get a reduced sentence.
  4. Nature Boy
    What does being "very stoned" have to do with this at all? He can't prove that he was and even if he can, it's hardly something he can use in his defence. What a blithering idiot. He may as well throw in a few more details to get himself into more trouble. Maybe he can make something up about having a paedo porn stash under his bed right next to his collection of stolen handbags.
  5. x cynic x
    "I'm really not a bad person officers. You gotta understand. I only did it 'cuz I was high."

    Diverting the blame to no avail. What an intelligent strategy.
  6. rocksmokinmachine
    Or a nice stay in a secure hospital with even more drugs
  7. Felonious Skunk
    I'm waiting for the psychiatric report that comes back with a diagnosis of:

    paranoid schizophrenia

    By that time, of course, the media will have lost interest because stories of psychotics killing people are just, well....boring.
  8. Senor Gribson
    sure, but stories linking cannabis with schizophrenia are the latest trend
  9. Zentaurus41
    Using drugs as excause is pretty, are people real that stupid !!!
  10. fnord
    LoL. sorry I had to quote that!
  11. darkglobe
    Pmsl. That's low, fnord.

    And I quote.... (no need to say who said it!): "Literacy and numeracy is the basics...".


    AFAIK, cannabis does not affect one's judgement to the point of totally diminished responsibility. In my personal opinion this joker was doing what you've all said - playing the blame game!

    EDIT: What kinda idiot carves their name in a fucking tree which just happens to be right next to where you've just buried a body? Tit.
  12. AntiAimer
    What a joke.
  13. Mr. Giraffe
    The real tragedy is that perpetrators often do get off with diminished responsibility, especially in these days of Reefer Madness Mark II. These days you can tell them the skunk made you do it, no matter what 'it' is, even if it is murdering your family with an axe.
  14. x cynic x
    "Hey, he only murdered his ex-girlfriend because of all the violence he saw on TV and in videogames. It's really not his fault, its all the influence of the media. And yeah, that other kid didn't kill the Harrods assistant, it was the cannabis that made him do it. It made him not think clearly, its really not his fault."

    What I like to call, "diverting the blame".
  15. Nucking Futs
    Perhaps the judge and jury should test the accused strain to see if it really is capable of producing this what I will call syndrome (being stoned,backed,fried or whatever you would call it in your location) to an extent where a person would (could) be motivated to get of there ass n commit a crime.

    SMIW cant even be bothered to go to the toilet when that little rat gets canabissized (that so should be a word) let alone go to a common area (a big one too) with a knife and commit murder.

    It's a good thing for the population that the perp was not on meth or pcp (maybe the same thing sorry if im that much of a fool) because god knows what would have happened then !!!


  16. cra$h
    obviously. this jerk off is just going to point fingers to something that cant point back. it's people like him that drugs are illegal in the 1st place. but the law should be set up so that you commit a crime, you get charged with it, sober or not. be responsible for your actions, and not what your brain was fucked up on.
  17. Nucking Futs
    That said there would have to be exceptions to that law as there are to all laws. If the person was spiked for exapmle.


  18. cra$h
    never thought of that....but i guess the only solution would be to blame both the killer and the one who spiked the drink, but minimizing the sentance to the killer. if you find yourself getting out of mind after someone mixes you a drink, you go somewhere safe, or have someone watch over you or something. be responsible.
  19. Nucking Futs
    I can't agree with the dual sentance aproach you have mentioned. I have never been spiked but SWIM has taken acid quiet a few times and if spiked with this SWIM says it is possible with a drug such as acid that you wouldn't necessarly know whats going on.
    If I was spiked with acid and freaked and killed someone then I would not be very happy with a prison sentance, but this is a case that if you know is clear cut. Trying to convince a court of this might be a bit difficult though.


  20. lulz
    It worked for Alberto Gonzales. Apparently he was stoned the entire time he spent as Attorney General.
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