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Looking out for a friend and keeping relationships

  1. derpahderp
    I used to write blurps from time to time.

    When you're happy and with the people you feel love for, and receive love back without question, then these kinds of thoughts come out:

    Of course, that was written while I was intoxicated years ago. I'd run across some articles and thought about that poem.

    Guessing i was rethinking some things I've done in my own life. Little reminders to be aware of the people you surround yourself with.. and keeping those concepts to mind. It's tough to remember the times you fawk-up, and re-evaluating your own actions might better that growth(life wise or even when you're struggling).

    My point being..

    -I'd recently read an article that struck me as common sense. The topic was in regards to tips on how to maintain friendships, and the writer went on to give 5 examples. Those concepts she brushed upon were to Be honest, Repair misattunements, Make Time and Show Appreciation, Alter your expectations and dont make assmptions, and Choose compassion over cynicism.

    It's very rare to find people who wanna be around when things are low. Keep the people around you close, and even if it's just a handful, it'll pay dividends in how well your life will go when there are those low moments. Expression in how you feel can be better expressed in RL.

    Just remember, an ear to listen goes both ways..

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  1. derpahderp
    In my opinion, there isn't a book or guide to read about the power in truth. I forget nothing about people who helped in their own ways, and I give gratitude for all your help. The guidance in our lives come from our experiences of triumph and ones in defeat.

    Accountability to any intrusive or impulsive actions to assume, had no ill-intent, except to share a duality of idealisms. Sharing a recent lapse is an honest attempt at integrity. This is the best I can do in life. Coming back and expressing, "I'm sorry and I messed up. Taking it back to the first step was never easy."

    A consideration we all have experienced at one time. Giving back the hug and tears with success and loss is not a weakness but a conditioning of survival. Treat yourself well and throw nothing to wasted thoughts. We can't demand of ourselves for the way things are meant to be. Relaxed and without demands invites a quieter soul and mind.

    In a word, 'accepting'
    I may and will have moments allow an effective and peaceful resolution.
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