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Lorry Driver Sent To The Gallows For Drug Trafficking

  1. buseman
    SHAH ALAM, July 15 (Bernama) -- The High Court here Thursday sentenced a lorry driver to death by hanging after finding him guilty of trafficking in drugs four years ago.

    S. A. Sukumaran, 35, was found guilty of trafficking in 36.2gm heroin and 214.7gm monoacetylmorphine at Pelangi Court in Meru Klang about 4.30pm on Feb 23, 2006.

    Justice Datuk Wira Mohtaruddin Baki, in his judgment, said the court found that Sukumaran had control and knowledge of the drugs .

    He also said Sukumaran's claim that the house was rented by a man, named Ah Meng, but that the later had used his (Sukumaran) identity card, also failed to raise reasonable doubts on the prosecution case.

    Sukumaran had claimed that Ah Meng used his identity card to rent the house and to subscribe to the ASTRO service because his name had been blacklisted, but claimed that Ah Meng owned 27 photo shops.

    Lawyer Kartar Singh, who appeared on behalf of defence counsel Gurbachan Singh said Sukumaran, who earned RM1,500 a month, had five children and had to go for hemodialysis three times a week for his kidney problem.

    July 15, 2010


  1. Balzafire
    One of the things I find most interesting in international drug related news is the disparity of penalties among the worlds cultures for selling drugs.
    You would think that with a penalty of death, people wouldn't choose to sell drugs, would they? But still, they do.
  2. Kotton Morrison
    But it does mean competition is much weaker than in the western world possibly making bigger returns even easier but i guess demand is probably smaller aswell. But yeah its defiantly not worth risking your life over.

    But then again theres many people in gangs and cartels that run much higher risk of getting killed by rivals than people like this guy getting caught by authorities and being sentenced to death.
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