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Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a baby

  1. Rob Cypher
    Rock singer Ian Watkins has been labelled a "determined and committed paedophile" after he pleaded guilty to a string of sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.

    The drug-crazed former lead singer with multi-million selling band Lostprophets plotted the abuse with two mothers in a series of text and internet messages in which he spoke of his desire to "cross the line" and to intoxicate one of his victims by blowing crystal-meth smoke into the child's face.

    Watkins, 36, from Pontypridd, south Wales, pleaded guilty to a string of sex offences he had previously denied in a last-minute change of plea ahead of what would have been his trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

    The charges included sexually touching a one-year-old and encouraging a crazed groupie to abuse her own child during a sordid webcam chat.

    Watkins also admitted possessing and making child porn as well as launching the plot to rape a baby.

    The disgraced rocker was originally charged with actual rape but insisted sex with the child did not take place during a drug-fuelled binge he claims he was on at the time.

    Watkins originally faced 24 separate charges, including two of actual child rape.

    He pleaded guilty to 11 charges today, nine of which were unchanged, and two of attempted baby rape.

    Prosecutor Christopher Clee QC told the judge that both of the attempted rape admissions were accepted, partly to spare a jury the ordeal of having to watch sordid video evidence of the singer's crimes.

    The prosecutor said there was an argument regarding what key video evidence seized from Watkins's laptop actually showed.

    "From the footage, there is an argument as to whether the full offence (of rape) is made out," he told judge Mr Justice Royce.

    "If it is made out, it is minimal. There is so little difference between the full attempt and the attempt as to make no difference.

    "We are prepared to accept the pleas as tendered."

    He also told the judge that the prosecution had in mind the effect on the jury of watching the explicit video footage.

    Previous hearings discussed arranging counselling for jurors who might need it.

    As sentencing arrangements were discussed in court, a pale faced and grey haired Watkins began shaking in the dock.

    Mr Clee gave details of a sickening plot to turn babies into sex objects.

    He said: "Ian Watkins was the lead singer of a successful band called the Lostprophets.

    "He was also a determined and committed paedophile engaged in serious sex offences involving two babies."

    Mr Clee read aloud to the court a series of text and internet messages between Watkins and two female co-defendants.

    Watkins and Woman A swapped messages where the frontman spoke of his sick desire to "make him mine" and to "cross the line".

    They also spoke of plans to blow crystal-meth smoke into the child's face at a secret meeting in a Cardiff hotel.

    And on March 23, Watkins sent the woman a message saying he wanted a "summer of filthy child porn" and how he wanted to take things "to the next level".

    Mr Clee also gave details of a sickening 17-minute video involving Watkins and Woman A.

    Mr Clee said camcorder footage was shot in a London hotel room which showed Watkins perform a sex act on the child.

    Computer analysts found the footage uploaded to an online storage facility.

    Mr Clee said that following this meeting, the pair exchanged emails about how they would not go "easy" on the child next time.

    The court heard that the tattooed singer claims he has no memory of the key video evidence.

    Mr Clee outlined a series of meetings between Watkins and the two female fans, who were the mothers of the baby abuse victims targeted by him.

    Watkins also indulged in a depraved virtual sex session in October last year where, using Skype, he got woman B, aged 24, to abuse her baby at his instigation.

    Detectives successfully downloaded the recorded footage, 45 minutes long, in which Watkins talks about how they were going to use the baby for sex.

    In the footage, which takes the form of a split screen, Watkins is seen to pleasure himself and refer to the woman and her baby as his "slave duo."

    The pair also discuss looking after the child as it grows up and making it have sex with animals and take drugs.

    The child's mother, speaking to Watkins, also refers to her baby as "your little fuck toy."

    At a later date she sent him a picture of herself having oral sex with the baby.

    Mr Clee said that when police raided the home of Watkins following his arrest in September last year they also found a box of camcorder cassettes.

    These proved to hold recordings of filmed sex acts with under age girl fans, one of whom he met up with in a New York hotel.

    Mr Clee said that one girl, 16, contacted Watkins saying she was a fan who was still a virgin and went on to agree to give her virginity to him.

    She then flew from Boston to New York and went to a hotel where he was staying, bringing with her a schoolgirl outfit he had asked her to dress in.

    They are then filmed having oral and full sex before he asks her: "Do you like being my underage slut."

    Mr Clee added: "He finishes by urinating over her face and telling her to 'drink my pussy.'"

    He said that Watkins, after being arrested, originally claimed that he was being stalked by a "crazed fan."

    "The suggestion being made by Ian Watkins was that he was the victim of a malicious campaign to label him a paedophile," Mr Clee said.

    He also said that a laptop seized from Watkins's home was password protected and was later sent to GCHQ to have it "cracked."

    When it eventually was the password was discovered to be "Ifuckkids."

    Watkins will be sentenced on December 18 at the same court.

    Watkins pleaded guilty to 13 offences in total.

    They included two counts of attempted rape and sexual assault by touching on Woman A's baby.

    He also confessed to aiding and abetting Woman B to sexually abuse her own child, two conspiracy charges.

    And he pleaded guilty to possessing and making indecent photographs of children as well as having extreme pornographic material involving bestiality on his computer hard drive.

    Following Watkins' sudden change of heart, both two-female co-defendants also confessed to carrying out sex crimes against their two children.

    Woman A admitted six offences in total.

    They included attempting to perform oral sex on her own child as well as aiding and abetting Watkins to try and have full sex with the child. She also pleaded guilty to sexually touching the youngster.

    Woman B pleaded guilty to seven offences. They included sexual assault by penetration on her own child as well as conspiring to rape and sexually assault the child.

    She also confessed to five offences involving taking, possessing and distributing indecent images of a child.

    Originally, Watkins had faced two counts of rape against Woman A's child.

    The Crown decided not to pursue the matter once his plea had changed, with prosecuting QC Mr Clee saying the the extent of the attempted rape was so serious that a conviction in the other charge would not have made a difference to the defendant's sentence.

    Also, pursuing the contested matter - given the inconclusive nature of the video - could have resulted in a jury having to view the distressing footage .

    A pool of 22 potential jurors smiled in relief as they were told by Mr Justice Royce that a trial was no longer taking place - and their services would no longer be required.

    Catrin Evans, head of the complex casework unit at the Crown Prosecution Service Wales, said: "The three defendants in this case have admitted very serious sexual offences committed against extremely young children, demonstrating sexual exploitation at its worst.

    "A number of the victims are too young to be able to understand what has happened to them, yet the defendants exploited them for their own gratification.

    "The prosecution case is based on robust evidence uncovered by the investigation team and the South Wales Police high tech crime unit.

    "The CPS team worked closely with the police to build a strong case and this has been a major factor in today's guilty pleas.

    "The CPS will not tolerate child abuse. Tackling this unacceptable crime is a priority for all of us in the criminal justice system.

    "We have recently issued new guidelines for prosecutors dealing with child abuse cases and are committed to supporting victims and bringing those who abuse and exploit children before the courts."

    The York Press
    November 26, 2013



  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    So sad.

    Thats exactly why I question the use of strong uppers - some people loose every inhibition.
    What is particularily sad is that someone who knows they are orientated sexually being paedosexual use this drug.
    This is a good example of what comes from reckless drug use when you are having psychological issues.
    Sad, sad, sad! :cry:


    btw. - be careful what you talk ...(write, txt..etc)
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Shooting him in the head would be going easy on this thing. I would say that I would not shed a tear and would look the other way if someone were to take justice in their own hands.

    Let's hear from the people who say that the death penalty should not be used here and he is just mentally ill?
  3. Rob Cypher
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    They should dissect him and analyze his brain so they can figure out what the fuck drives these type of predators, IMO.
  4. TheBigBadWolf
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Oh, trd...

    of course this Guy is mentally ill doing these things -
    He should have undergone therapy rather than tweaking out onmeth..

    And of course he deserves the full penalty of law- whch is not death sentence in UK - Shooting him dead would be too good.
    Btw: I think nobody deseves death as a sentence, it is barbaric - who are we to judge and say someone deseves to die.. nobody has this right to take away life from another person - but that might be worth a thread in 'some for all'.Death Sentence - What do you think?
    He has to face prison time , a real long time, I suppose... if he's a clever guy he will get treatment while imprisoned.
  5. Rob Cypher
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    well, do it after he dies in prison. it doesn't make a difference. ;)
  6. TheBigBadWolf
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    this has already been done in hundreds of cases..to no real outcome that would be helpful (afaik)
  7. DHCdiva
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    To be honest I think the meth thing is just an excuse. He was not using crystal meth during every offence.
    None of the women were taking crystal meth...why only him?
    He is just a filthy paedophile clutching at straws to find any excuse to hide behind.

    This has been all over the news today in England. Some reports saying police had been told 4 years ago. No crystal meth use during those times though.

    This whole thing is sick.
    I predict he will have left this earth within a year.
  8. Smeg
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    This bloke has pleaded guilty to some revolting and heinous crimes against children. What worries me is the potential for the gutter press to over focus on generic recreational drug use as a potential conduit to paedophilia.

    I feel confident that the tabloid media in these Islands (and elsewhere) will attempt to equate this individual's vile behaviour with the propensity for all who use varying substances to engage in this horror.
  9. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    The Death Row is ridiculous. Jail is to reinvent people, not punish them, its in the law. How can you reinvent something thats dead? I think, a chemical castraction and a life sentence will be just fine. its long, it super sucks, and he won't be around trying to do it all over again
  10. trdofbeingtrd
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    A few things if yall don't mind.

    Wolfie, I will do a whole other thread when I take care of my errands today. I feel that you and I regardless of where we stand can have a civil talk over this. If we are not able to reach an agreement then at worst we can respectfully agree to disagree.

    Smeg, there was a part of me that wanted to bring up the point about drugs being blamed that, you did. So, you beat me to it and I am glad because IMO it's an important point that should be brought up. Of course with today's modern day witch hunt to find those evil drug users, methamphetamine can now be told to the masses is a substance which you will want to have sex with children and other horrific shit. I now owe YOU the cookie Smeg, hat off to you :)

    DHC, I hope you are right about your prophetic time line.

    Alien Sex Fiend, while you have a valid viewpoint to me, the lives this guy has messed up will be altered forever. What is the point to reinvent a person if they stay behind bars with others like themselves. It's kind of like a bunch of alcoholics (no disrespect to any here) who are sentenced to live in a bar together where some can alcohol all the time but are not "supposed" to. Good idea though about the chemical castration.

    Folks, this kind of primal evil for lack of calling it anything else really gets me angry, I could really only read for the first half because I was feeling nauseous. I might seem harsh and almost evil in the ways I think a person should be punished, maybe I am the mentally ill one and they are just misunderstood......no, fuck that. I don't feel in any way bad because this monster did what he did, got caught, and now should suffer somehow.

    What we DO NOT want to do, make it seem like he should just take a couple pills and all is forgiven. Oh, and again as pointed out by someone who isn't me, not buy into the media ready to pounce any drug they can as to feed us more bullshit lies about what drugs does to us all.
  11. Isodimorphism
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Even if there is the potential for that, but I doubt it will actually happen on a large scale. I can't see anyone besides, perhaps, Peter Hitchens going down that road.

    There's a conflict here: the more one emphasises his drug use as a potential motivating factor for his crimes, the less one emphasises his personal responsibility, and vice versa. Blaming the drugs is like saying "he couldn't help it!"

    Our gutter press loves sensationalism and scare stories about drugs, but they don't love them as much as they hate paedophiles, or the idea of "making excuses" for them. So the drug angle seems to be getting downplayed; it sounds a bit too much like sympathising with him. If you feel like dredging the Daily Mail's comment section (it's not as depressing as you might think), you'll see almost unanimous agreement: no-one is buying his stories about not being able to remember what happened because he was on so many drugs.


    Incidentally, I was tripping on mushrooms today, and this story, along with the Liam Adams one from Northern Ireland, really made things go bad. It's bad enough to read about things like this when you're sober, but it's on a whole different level when you're on psychedelics.
  12. MikePatton
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    EPIC fucking FACEPALM!! This kind of stupidity deserves a medal.

    But seriously, this case is absolutely horrifying. I can't believe I used to listen to this guy sing!! I hope (and know) that he will be punished by his cellmates every day for the rest of his fucking life.
  13. chibi curmudgeon
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    The fact that he smoked meth is about as relevant as the fact that he wore socks.

    Maybe--MAYBE--if he only did this under the influence of a potent deliriant, thinking he was being attacked by demons or something, would drugs be worth mentioning. No amount of meth, alcohol, crack, anything could make a sane human do something this horrific.
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    That elderly mother that shot those two rapists nuts off the other week should be employed as
    a future deterrent and punisher of scumbags like this bloke.

    Scumbags like this bloke give drugs a bad name.

    Being under the influence of drugs is no excuse for breaking the law.

    The law will never rehabilitate or deter future pedophilia crimes from happening and the law is too lenient on these scumbags.

    I hope the boyz catch up with this scumbag in jail.
  15. whatstheproblem
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    so at the end of all this, is what do you do with the fucker? I think the death penalty should be there as an option. i dont think its should be used as much as it does but i also think it shouldnt be taken away from the people, the jurors.

    to me thought tho, a cruel and shitty existence is much worse than being killed. I mean think about, he could live x amount of years in a shitty fuckin way or he could go to sleep and not wake up. the existing everyday in shit and knowing when he goes to bed that the next day is not going to be any better and it will never ever get better till he dies. thats a pretty heavy though

    but then someone has to pay for the prick. and i sure as hell dont. but i tell you i would rather some of my tax shit go to housing this guy then someone who is nonviolent and doesnt deserve to be in there which is probably more than half the prison population

    maybe they set it up like social security or med insurance where they take a tiny bit out of your check and it goes into a trust fund that finances these sub-humans to live a horrible 25 or 40 more years instead of being quietly put do death

    the older i get though, the more i feel that we as people dont have the authority or the right to decide between life and death of another. then your just playing God and that just cant be a good thing in the hands of man who, unlike god or whoever it is too you, is flawed
  16. bannana
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Thats some fucked up shit.. giving him a bullet is too easy. Hes bound to get his own inside anyway, nobody likes a child sex offender and this one seems especially sadistic..these guys used to make good music too!
  17. Millie Platt
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    one of my followers dug this up from his twitter page @ian_watkins from may '09
    "Before you remember. Oh yeah, before you give in. Just remember we're coming. Coming back for your children"

    well, that was subtle...
  18. Meekajayne
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Oh my gosh. I know this kind of thing happens around the world whether or not your on any type of drug doesn't matter. That is downright disgusting and their own children. As said befor death would be the easy way out for those sick minded people.
  19. trdofbeingtrd
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    See and that's just it. Are they really mentally ill or just fucked up people. Even if they are mentally ill, is that any kind of excuse? If you really think it is, would you feel the same if it was your child being hurt?

    It seems that the attackers somehow should have the same rights as the victims.... I think that's sick in itself.
  20. Lunamia
    Re: Lostprophets star pleads guilty to many charges, including attempted rape of a ba

    Mentally ill or fucked up, makes no odds. Mental illness isn't an excuse for severely depraved and vicious behaviour any more than drugs are. Contributory factors possibly but let's call a spade a spade, he is an evil bastard that gets his gratification from kids. Notice how no mention is made of the "mothers" that went along with this even to the extent of one of them performing oral on her own kid. If it was the meth that causes this, then everyone on it would be a paedophile and if it were mental illness, then everyone with that would also be a paedophile. It's bullshit.

    Fundamentally, I'm against the death penalty, I just am and this isn't the place to go into that.. But as someone who comes from the UK it also sticks in my craw that I will be paying for this snivelling bastard to spend the next however many years inside a prison cell. What does give me a modicum of satisfaction is knowing that he is going to suffer, from the minute he opens his eyes and even when he shuts them..probably until he falls asleep. He will always be looking over his shoulder and terror is a hell of a thing to have to endure constantly.

    If it makes them feel better then hell yeah, get the fucker down for some therapy, psychiatric input, whatever. It won't cost us anymore and seeing as he will already be there, it could do some good.

    Bottom line is that he thought he was untouchable. The consequences of his actions will be torturing him for many years to come. I just hope that the wider network that surrounded him, and it is obvious that many knew, will also be answerable for their (in)actions too.
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