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Lottery winner's prize day includes drug arrest

By buseman, Jun 17, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Monday was a good news-bad news day for Mark Chambers.

    The good news is his Indiana "Pick Four" lottery ticket is a winner, worth $2,260.

    The bad news is that the ticket was in his pocket when he was arrested for allegedly dealing cocaine.

    Sgt. John Jelks of the Gary Narcotics-Vice Unit said his detectives are consulting with prosecutors and the city's forfeiture lawyer to determine if the police department can seize the prize.

    Chambers, 20, of 2010 W. 12th Ave., was arrested after detectives completed their fourth buy from Anthony Williams, 41. Investigators followed Williams as he went to obtain the cocaine from Chambers then arrested them both, Jelks said.

    Both face charges of dealing cocaine. Chambers is out on bond on a dealing charge filed in April.

    Jun. 16, 2010


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