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  1. Rob Cypher
    The man accused of brutally attacking his pregnant wife and killing their unborn child, then blaming synthetic marijuana for his alleged psychotic breakdown is now in custody with no bond.

    Jeffery Reynolds of Walker appeared before a judge Monday on a motion to revoke his bond. His bond was originally set at $500,000. The judge revoked the bond after graphic testimony.

    In his last court appearance, Reynolds blamed synthetic drugs for the attack. He once again blamed the substances for the deadly attack.

    "I love my wife and son and thank the people that gave her donations and helped her," Reynolds said after walking out of the courthouse. "I don't remember anything I did. I hope the state does away with synthetic marijuana completely."

    He is charged with first-degree feticide and second-degree attempted murder. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 8. A trial date has not been set.

    The Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office said Reynolds attacked his wife, Paula, 28, with a kitchen knife at their Walker, LA home on Oct. 23, 2012.

    Investigators said he stabbed her in the abdomen and cut their baby out of her. She survived the attack.

    A toxicology test was run on Reynolds, but at last report, the results had not been sent back to authorities.

    Feb 05, 2013



  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    "I hope the state does away with synthetic marijuana completely."

    Weird, I hope the state does away with him completely. There is a precedent that basically says if you put something in your body you are still responsible for your actions. I suppose if I killed a baby I would doing whatever I could to deflect blame as well.
  2. MrG
    Seems he originally claimed it was "Bath Salts"TM

    October 23, 2012
    WALKER — Deputies arrested a man after he allegedly cut a fetus from his 28-year-old pregnant wife’s abdomen, Livingston Parish authorities confirmed Tuesday afternoon.The unborn child died, but hospital personnel stabilized the woman’s condition, Sheriff Jason Ard said.

    Neighbor Julie Collins, who is an emergency room nurse, said she and paramedics aided the woman at the scene, where she heard the victim’s husband say he had ingested bath salts.

    Bath salts a type of synthetic drugs banned a year ago by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
    The effects of bath salts on users may resemble those of LSD, cocaine and methamphetamines, according to reports.

    Ard said that while using bath salts may cause erratic behavior, drug testing would have to determine what might have been in the system of suspect Jeffery Reynolds when he attacked his pregnant wife.
    Collins said Reynolds is normally a nice man, but he was “howling like a wolf,” after law enforcement officers restrained him.

    She said the fetus appeared to have been stabbed in the head.
    Ard said the cause of death has not been determined and he could not say whether the fetus had been stabbed.

    That will be determined by an autopsy, the sheriff said.
    “In my 20 years (of law enforcement), I have never seen anything more gruesome,” Ard said.
    He said deputies took Reynolds, 31, of 30259 Milton Road, into custody and obtained warrants alleging he committed feticide and attempted second-degree murder.

    Deputies transported Reynolds to a hospital, where he was being tested for drugs, Ard said.
    After the tests, Reynolds would be booked at the Livingston Parish Detention Center, Sheriff’s Office, spokeswoman Lori Steele said.

    Collins said she had never seen any evidence of abusive behavior or drug use by Reynolds in the past.
    She said Reynolds, an electrician, had fixed things for her family without charge and had even fed her children meals on occasion.

    “They’ve been wonderful neighbors,” Collins said of the couple. “I’ve never even heard them fight.”
    The victim, Paula Reynolds, “is the nicest woman you have ever met,” Collins said.
    Collins said Paula Reynolds’ greatest concern as she was being given first-aid in her home Tuesday was that her 6-year-old son would not get off his school bus and see her with the stab wounds.
    A relative picked up the boy at school, authorities said.
    The school bus later drove past the Reynolds’ two-story home, which is surrounded by trees, without stopping.

    Neighbors said Jeffery Reynolds put the boy on the school bus Tuesday morning.
    Neighbor Tim Teal said the Reynoldses had been friendly, but they never “get in anybody else’s business.”
    Walker police went to the scene in response to a 911 call, which initially was classified as a medical emergency, but officers found they had to subdue the suspect, Ard said,

    It took several officers to restrain and “strap down” Jeffery Reynolds, Ard said.
    The Sheriff’s Office took over the case from the Walker Police Department once it was determined that the Reynolds residence is outside of Walker’s city limits.

    Officials with the Sheriff’s Office said they didn’t immediately know who made the 911 call.
  3. MikePatton
    Sounds like bullshit to me, a convinient excuse if you will. Even if he did ingest synthetic cannabinoids, it's still he's god damn fault, and besides you have to be pretty crazy to begin with if you're gonna take a few puffs and do THAT.

    Also the fact that he said Bath Salts and then changed his story gives him away. Unless he took both.
  4. rickster999
    What ever happened to the devil made me do it? What a loser.
  5. Homer Simpson
    I used to get down with that synthetic shit all the time, but realized it was as dangerous as people said it was. It's really not something to mess with. It never made me want to attack my pregnant wife, but it did make me do questionable things.

    As for the guy though, I hope he spends a long time in prison. No matter what you've put in your body, you're still responsible for your actions.
  6. syntheticdave
    I for one would like to see the toxicology reports. Changing the story from bath salts to synthetic marijuana is quite the jump, and if hes convinced that being intoxicated at the time of the crime will help lift the charges, hes got another thing coming. He would have been better off trying to claim insanity then to blame the drugs.
  7. SpatialReason
    Honestly, this has taken a new level of "wtf" ... we have gone from face eating zombies to feticide. They actually figured out how to drag these drugs back into the media and top "face eating zombies."

    This is horrible. Even saying that word makes me want to barf. It's not often you see or hear it, but when you do, it makes you ill thinking about the fact.
  8. source
    Exactly what I thought when I read the word 'feticide' urgh just makes me shudder at the thought.

    This is what pisses me off though, he's clearly using any way he can to avoid a longer sentence for his horrific crime. I really hope this guy gets what he deserves, very very sickening crime indeed. I very much doubt any legal high made him do this, he must have a screw loose to begin with, like all those other 'face-eating' zombies.

    Speaking of which.. anyone else think the cop looks like Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli, out of The Goonies?? "Heyyyy you guuuys!!"
  9. Rob Cypher
    :D Hell yeah that's what I was sorta thinking (except my memories aren't quite as sharp, so I was still trying to puzzle out who I was trying to think of there). Thanks for clearing that up.

    Yeah, I think this guy is lying about snapping after using "legal high" stuff (although I wouldn't doubt it if he was a user; just don't think it should serve as a mitigating factor in this case). He's just a psychopath.
  10. hookedonhelping
    I don't mean to play devils advocate, but let's consider the neighbors account of this couple:

    “They’ve been wonderful neighbors,” Collins said of the couple. “I’ve never even heard them fight.”

    This will be of value to a defense attorney coupled with any supporting testimony the victim may provide before a court. If this is accurate, and backed up by the victim; the defense will be able to shoot down any claims from the prosecution of premeditation.

    If they presumably already have a 6yr old child together, a motive suggesting Reynolds was not ready to be a father and therefore killed the fetus, will have a hard time gaining traction.

    This is a gruesome situation no matter which way someone tries to spin it. While it is unimaginable to me how synthetic cannabinoids could be responsible for this, I have to keep in mind that I am coming to this conclusion based on my experiences in this arena. Not everyone knows how to handle these situations and not everyone will experience the same effects. We know from media reports that violence is a commonly alleged side effect for some people. One report comes to mind where an individual killed a dog before being subdued by police. What brings an individual to this point of insanity?

    While I wholeheartedly agree that you are responsible for your own actions, on drugs or stone cold sober, I would not be shocked in the least bit if temporary insanity becomes the angle the defense will use. However I am shocked that this individual was allowed bail/bond of any sort. I think the revocation of the bail/bond was a wise move by the judge. This is not a safe person to have in a community where drugs are easily accessible.
  11. Rob Cypher
    I'm curious to see how toxicology tests turn out for this guy, that's for sure. I've heard of people having horrific experiences on cannabinoids, but nothing that involved violence towards others. But who knows.
  12. snarkymalarky
    Is it just me, or could the switch from synthetic cannabinoids to bath salts be explained by the media being absolutely clueless about RCs? Not that it makes much difference, but I don't see the inconsistency between these two news stories implying that the guy is making this story up.

    That said, anyone who becomes this violent under the influence of drugs probably has some really serious underlying issues. Is it possible to plea insanity when the argument is that drugs somehow brought a latent mental problem to the surface?
  13. uberhigh
    he might have initially said he took bath salts because it is true, then changed his story because bath salts are illegal in the first category and are criminalized much more than spice, which is even legal in some states, from what i gather. it could be that he would be given a harsher sentence if there were bath salts in the picture. just brainstorming..
  14. mr sic
    ^ Im not sure it would mater much what he was on, I mean I would imagine that an extra charge on top of "feticide" wouldnt mean dick, if anything the more fucked up/ illegal the drug the more sympathy he MIGHT get from the jury.
    Its weird this whole thing though, there have been alot of these "Womb Raider" cases, this one as far as I know is the first of a father cutting out his baby, it seems its usually other women trying to steal other peoples babies and keep them as their own,
  15. Rob Cypher
    Like what, if I may ask? I've heard of somebody who thought they were possessed by the devil and it made them live through 'agony loops' as if time itself were being painfully stretched out through their body; it made them make say simple yet evil-sounding rhymes that tortured their literal soul as they sung them (somehow they could 'feel' the pain inside of them but it didn't seem to have a central point). That's why they never messed with any of the cannabinoids from that point on (they had some experience through blends, but 5mg of pure 5F-UR-1444 cannabinoid dust was something else). Weird, weird, weird experience that they would never repeat again and scared them off cannabinoids in general.
  16. uberhigh
    christ, i am so glad i never went through with buying those darned cannabinoids. there was a one time when i came dangerously close to acquiring some, when i had a lot of money and there was nothing else in town to spend it on. i'm not afraid of their effect on my person, but just from everything i've heard, they seem to carry a sinister aura about them.
  17. source
    Everything you have probably heard has been in the media though right? We all know how much they sensationalize legal highs, trying to make them look as bad as they can.
    The guy in this article could not have done what he did by just using cannabinoids on their own, what he did was just sick and grotesque; again more than likely to be an underlying mental condition that he is suffering from IMO.

    A lot of people committing crimes (not normally as bad as the one here) seem to try and find some justification for their actions by blaming it on whatever drug seems to be in the media's bad books at the time, as if it is going to help them in court somehow and get them a lesser sentence.

    On one hand you have that, and on the other hand you have the very angry parents also trying to find justification for their child's awful behaviour.

    Then you have the media using scare tactics just to make shed loads of money, while the governments running scared not knowing what the fuck to do so just agrees with everyone else and ends up making stupid, idiotic decisions..

    Maybe I'm just in an irritable mood or something but the whole situation is a complete farce.
  18. uberhigh
    well, most of my opinions on cannabinoids have been drawn from people's personal accounts of their experiences. if i am honest, i must say i have heard media reports on cannabinoids only twice, this particular case included, or at least as far as i can remember. mostly what i have heard from people who have tried cannabinoids has been unattractive to me, and that is mainly why i feel cannabinoids are sinister, although i am sure the media cases i have seen probably add to my distaste. thats not to make any specific judgment on the substances, this is merely my intuition speaking.
    in any case, as they say, folks that become psychotic because of chronic lsd use usually have underlying mental issues to begin with. so, you are absolutely right, i'm sure its the same case here, this guy obviously had something in his mind that was catalyzed and/or intensified with the use of whatever drugs it was that he took, cannabinoids or bath salts, whatever the case may be. i am not calling synthetic cannabinoids a source of evil or anything. nevertheless, i would not take them myself.
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