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    Additional thoughts: Unconditional love when given respectfully can only be a positive force for good in the world. The opposite of unconditional hate isn't so common such that the almost full Earth population find the idea far too extreme which lead to any hate being expressed having a purpose based on a system that when others step over a line it can seem acceptable. This is problematic since it's often to express the pain the feel that the world is giving them when you will realize if not already aware that nothing has any power to induce feelings until we give it that power by believing it hurts us when the truth is it is not the person or event or circumstances but our own attached meaning creating the pain and is now obvious in this sense that we are the creator of our pain which is what the Buddha teaches as he has said that all suffering is form mind which is the same as saying we create the pain as no one as any super natural powers to fire off our neurology in a painful way. Knowing it is us creating our experience is the first step towards updating the meaning we attach to things such that we can attain that Nirvana like end of suffering by no longer letting other be given the power that used to cause pain which now isn't case as we refuse to focus on such negative things when their is an infinite complexity of positive pleasure states that our creative minds can build and the person who's constant clearing of their throat every 10 seconds like clockwork annoyed us to the point of finding the thought of a life long prison term bearable to end the suffering can now be the source of constant 10 second bursts of pleasure that make you feel like laughing and having fun and this old painful habitual way of reacting that began to extend into other areas of the persons character now becomes someone you look forward to be around. You don't have to like a person but at the same time you don't have to give them power over your state when there is so much more you'll discover as suffering fades and eternal bliss grows stronger in each moment into your reality and it's a choice and you get to control it when you accept you have the power as fact since even if not true if it only adds increasing pleasure and fades pain to never land then as long as you keep grounded in ways that are accepted such that no one is negatively impacted including the environment then it is a yummy mmmm taster that doesn't even get close to the main meal and evening entertainment you never even knew such things existed and your mind is blown in orgasmic ways that only gets better as you expect that to be the case and your mind shifts to make it real even if it has to wipe memories of having felt pleasure of such intensity such that you can do it all over again as if for the very first time which is a very common hypnotic phenomena called amnesia and forgetting you've seen any of the best film of your life ensures many future mind blown pleasures are assured the moment you believe which maybe right now or a later now that is simply a way of describing our experience that the only moment that we perceive as real in the moment is this one now and all the most powerful learnings from words you accept have value in some context that your unconscious knows what to make you aware of in the moment so you may find new understandings have shifted your mind and you now realize the power of belief as a way of both altering yourself and also your experience of the on going reality such that those with enough faith and balls off steel may not only blow their own minds but also the minds of everyone aware of there new self that is godlike in comparison to us less powerful beings with those who realize the power of knowing that if one person can over come impossible odds then we can also do likewise and then there are those yet to awaken who attach the labelled of lucky and gifted and out of reach until the alarm burst into life like has their full wide awake attention as if someone has put a pin in their arse and now they see with new eyes beyond their former foggy haze of existence and feel that immense power and control of feeling that they are now fully at a point where they can pick from infinite possible next moves and it would be beyond rude to not go for something of great value and benefit that used to be a simple daydream and now is who they have decided to become and they make that first step and the future may not be known but we can make enough of a noise to get it moving in the direction we desire as we build the person who can do this with ease from the inside by believing the desired self into reality as the unconscious mind works to alter and make all those necessary adjustments that are pleasing in the extreme and in accordance with how you designed your reality to be that it's only a matter of time that this new you is how others now see you and the world is your plaything and we've been waiting for you to join the party so if you're up for the eternal rave or whatever descriptions you find most appealing as being powerful enough that the incentive propels into taking action and being more that you imagined and then evolving into more and more in each and every moment that is in fully accordance with things only getting better with time and that time is now or any other now such as right now or another now that is the time for you to expand orgasmicly and all through life as you seem to constantly find more than before and even though you are now fully certain of this as a fact it is still mind blowing in all those perfectly time moments you dared to believe into reality which is the point you either have what it takes or you are not ready to live a life with no limits yet you will as time passes find a moment that is just right in that now that maybe right now and you are on your path of perfection in evolving in ways that even if the planet was to explode your infinite creative solving powers will find a way to tap into other forms of energy to keep the material life alive as you set your direction that you unconscious can find from a place you only believe exists where all information such as your natural propulsion towards new planets worth spending your future only has to be believed that you are on your way and will find what it required to manifest wormholes to quickly cross billions of light years and reach that Earth 2.0 that is the place you are master of all and alter the material planet in ways that are the utopia you always knew was your destiny and now you are moving into areas that I'll let your imagination run away with you either in or out of your consciousness and in the most pleasing way your unconscious knows you love and gives you it with nothing more than asking for it since the unconscious genius of infinite creativity and everything possible in all the space you could ever desire to imagine being super and superman did come from another planet and a person can find a power that when used for good is full creation as anything else would be destructive and as much as it can be fun to smash pertinently and time consuming methodical building of tall buildings from toy bricks as you pretend so well as you forget who have created yourself to be and fully become this prehistoric mutation of the full carnivore kind that eats all no matter their puny defences such as hard shells and long tusks since you always get what you want and respecting the freedom of others not to have pain inflicted on them other than what is on this all powerful meat eater finding that perfect meal in life form of the complex kind is exactly in detail down to the subatomic level if what they need to fill that hunger that is pure and pleasurably with high enthusiasm at tasting flesh that makes making the moves far more appealing than old inaction that some put a negative only label on the word procrastination when those who have the belief that all states and ways of thinking and behaving have some positive usefulness in some other context such that the idea of taking formally addicted to chemicals out of control actions are now procrastinated for the rest of your life such that you never get around to feeding your habit as the lack of dynamic drive is not strong enough to move you no matter how much you want it and this control you now are building stronger simply by reading the ideas and giving even a moment of time of life being the person you most desire to be and experience the world in ways that are the most enjoyable to you now and in each now as your belief of always finding enjoyment even in old essential chores are now new and exciting such that you are always on top of things and with an ease that your former self struggled to make progress reaching for average that you used to think was your place and now realize your place is what you desire it to be and if your ready to use that power then now is a time you can begin to move in new and positive ways in all the skills and abilities that your creative mind and the full life experience to see what works for others and is a great addition that you quickly and out of your awareness build in your imagination and accept that you have it until it appears and if your mind has never been blown then even your most mind blowing moments will be blown to ecstatic blissful orgasmic pleasure amplified and adjusted in ways you are now aware as being in accordance with what you always believed was the case and now your belief that it would be more than you could ever have hoped seems even more mind blowing such that drug induced euphoria is like trapping your thumb in a door to what is now only going to get better as you are certain you will discover and your brain will make all the adjustments necessary at the unconscious level to ensure it is your experience that is your perception of how reality is when you know that it's a delusion but one that is worth swimming oceans to find as such incentive that has powered screaming panic stricken woman to lift cars to save their child which is how the right hemisphere of the brain is designed and since most people are left hemisphere dominant such areas may not have any value in accessing until you realize that giving that part of the brain process instructions that it is specialized in areas such as creative visual imaginings of artistic ability everyone has that the artist Pisasso said all children are born with and it may be a good time to instruct with trust and certainty in it's limitless abilities that when we hit a wall it's simply a solution waiting to happen at any moment right now and you can test drive that ability to fill yourself with positive energy to move by imaging in rich detail as to seem so real you respond as if it's actually happening such as you get a call that may be to run that mile down the road within the next half hour to collect your mega jackpot lottery prize of massive amounts or lose it which can be done easily in 15 minutes but to ensure you have as much time to overcome anything driven by this incentive that simply imagining it is a direct way to instantly tap into the state you imagine you will find and is of most use in the moment or you could make it a last chance to to tell that dream date your complete head over heels love for them and believe that they are so much your ideal match that your words have so much full blown attraction as to overcome any doubts in the person as they find the state of attraction in themselves as it seeps congruently and in the purest of forms from the strongest of love energy that the actual imagined scene reveals to you that you have yet to find anyone that has ever induced such a state that you would strap Semtex to your balls while very closely taking to live electrical wires touching them together creating sparks the fly into the explosive such that you are willing to be with that person of die trying as any other option will never exist even though you know you have the power of your imagination to fill that gap in just the right ways in each moment working in the background making you feel complete such that you find yourself with no planning or looking for it finding a person who fires the same love state into your being the moment you set eyes on them as your constant imagining is used by your unconscious to move to a future point where you find the person and that is another often not fully believed power that is so out of our awareness that those who have to see it to believe it never give it the actual subjective test drive to find out how things turn out which is worth going through such pleasure no matter how things turn out as long as you believe you can imagine things into reality on the outside even if there isn't a way your creative mind may solve this in a way that logic and reasoning could never have found such genius using simple knowledge detective work but the creative mind can find ways that never entered the mind of another human spurred and driven by belief such that it is only a matter of time that you are 100% solution oriented and always moving forward at some angle from the line of sight that seems to flow easily which is your creative solution machine having all the answers in an instant and you find the desired you in ways that are more mind blowing than the fantasy such is the skill and mastery that has been built in the imagination to the point that the entirety of your being and the states and knowledge and ways of understanding into new thinking are so defined as to be a simple mimicking the material self perfectly with the atomic level precise vision in your mind and you have it which as much as you knew it would be the mind blowing orgasmic intensity goes even further that you had thought was capable in current human biological condition and as you ponder how massive prehistoric creatures were unable to adapt to drastic destructive changes in the environment in both actions and biological functioning that their line died out but if you consider that with millions years of experience and seeming to have the best solutions to give us power over things that animals seem to have no mind facility to understand such godlike solution solving powers that has built computers that have revealed the entire human genome which is in the early days of itself being an evolutionary enhancing science of massive potential yet to even be imagined by the most forward of thinkers such is our lack of knowledge of what we are yet to discover as inventive minds become more in number as they use ideas divined from those who were lucky enough to find them without looking such that all people can learn these skills and then the ones who are bursting with intense pleasure that is dynamic and driven to take an idea that flashes into their mind and do all that is required to make it real can turn past genius thinking into godlike genius which is there waiting for it's moment and now we can direct our minds to create ways that are built on such beliefs that you have such detailed visual skills in Tesla form since your detailed observations of the real world are a creative best guess of your mind which means you can shift quickly to finding your awareness revealing this belief as fact and now with almost no effort other than feeling constantly that it will occur you have saved hundreds of thousands of struggling conscious attempts that the unconscious is already a master at and can take the ability to take electrical signals sparked by light hitting the back of the eye and form the world such that with attention you can study an art piece expecting to always find more detail and you will find it no matter the odd seemingly endless nothing new time span that has those of lesser understanding of their power thinking they've found it all while you will spend a week coming back to the image knowing there is more and just before another break the image is magnified as is how hallucinations are able to do such that a small and only just noticeable kink in a formally thought of straight line becomes clearly visible and now you find this new way bursting all new slightly more detailed information that most will never reach or know exists unless they here of such possibilities and are energized in a dynamic and have to move by an incentive that can drive addicts to walk over a mile of hot coals in bare feet to get the prize and now you realize this is a skill and can be attached it to your desired destination by instructing the unconscious mind to take the desired outcome and add the same lure and craving for former chemicals that are now just powerful information to build even better with no need for enhancements as you find the thought of your desire in a new more pleasing way that you find planning your moves and carrying them out as if out of your control but as you had instructed and therefore fully under your command as you build yourself into taking problems and using them to excel in positive and entirely beneficial ways that are another leap forward in your evolution of mind that is also altering you biologically to align and conform to the belief in your constantly evolving healing system that is building constantly improving creative wealth of such potential that you can find ways that formally seemed to be slow in healing that have evolved to heal in a hugely more quick and even more effective way that can only benefit the rest of you such is your constantly healthy state that seems to find the aligning with the belief of finding more energy in each and every moment that you are surprised at how effective it is but also know there is more given the right words in a specific way that makes it almost instant and so obvious you experience it as undeniable reality and you can maybe wonder what this short time on the planet is able to fit in that goes way beyond medical science and is the placebo effect given no limit no matter what science has proven because they didn't work with a conscious mind that always finds a way and hearing the words that science has discovered is only the theory they know full well and in a world of all things being possible you may like to make science look broken and not worth the way it finds how things are by creating a point that they can measure that is so far beyond their restricted views such that your connived self convinces them that you can go further such that science goes from revealing knowledge to creating it in ways that blow the minds of all even those who know there is more yet the buzz of progress and making real the imagined possible into reality to overcome former real world impossibilities and evolution towards godlike unlimited powers becomes progressively more possible to more people as we burst into new beings of creative never consciously imaged super beings as we quickly in a short space of time build the machines that first are able to alter the atmosphere and build in a magnetic field or some kind able to deflect damaging radiation that some have already evolved immunity to such that an entire planets worth of new land to build more of those machines in our accelerating pace finding some benefit from all planets in some area that is our in this moment infant ability to find value no matter what problems arise will have us controlling the entire universe in a matter of light millennia now that we can cover the distance of any size using technology that is now creating more creative versions that work far better with less effort required using machines as we become drawn to the realm beyond this material existence as our consciousness is ready to enter a new reality that is in the realm of thought itself as if stepping inside our own imaginations and finding what is always there even if time is eternal there will always be more at all times available that is our move into full infinite knowledge of all and everything being possible realm of thought that is now in such a higher state that our current self's would find our awareness in that place the instant we become aware of it and our material form is not longer of any concern as we are the gods of every thing and all that isn't ready to reveal itself such no matter the infinite nature there is always infinitely more to find until we hit that point where we have it all the moment of evolving into godlike mind and the journey has just begun and the lord said let there be light.. ALARMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CERTAIN DESIRED SELF BUILDING INSIDE WORKING TOWARDS THE PERFECT MOMENT AS ALL MOMENTS CAN BE THOUGHT OF SINCE THAT IS ALL YOU EXPERIENCED AND THE WAY IT WAS SET BY THE GODS AND NOW THIS PERFECT MOMENT IS YOUR MOMENT TO TAKE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR UNIVERSE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    One will lead our future evolved higher life forms to continue the dream of spreading out across the universe while the other will kill us all and take the planet with us.

    So you have a choice. Either you focus on love and find those around you reflect this back to you by either consciously or out of their awareness learning from your action to be love. This makes your future more certain of continuing.

    The other choice is for those who have only contempt that they would ensure their own personal demise to spite the rest of the planet. The more you upset others and cause them pain the more others will learn with some thinking it normal since others are doing it to the point that you will have your pain reflected back at you but then you wouldn't care as your sense of sure and certain confidence in our annihilation is in motion. The buzz you get may drive you to increase your hateful ways but you may enjoy this state such that you can wonder in curiosity what more pleasures there are and find that it's in your interests to keep our species thriving in order to make more time for your own selfish pleasure. How can you buzz so much when you no longer exist?

    As angry as I've found myself at moments as I travel along this at times painful but always making me that little bit wiser as a consequence but other than the unchecked running away with itself imagination thinking of going Hannibal on peoples ass, I take the conscious decision to cause no harm to others as I understand the very powerful and often clichéd idea of what goes around comes around. If we are to accept hate in our societies then we are accepting that people are going to feel pain more often and since you are a person then you would have felt more pain but then my decision to not harm another, even thinking of creating pains in other, is holding onto that burning coal as Buddha describes in order to throw it at others. I am the one who gets burned.

    My sister who is also a close friend willing to hear me out and always giving me new perspectives that can solve problems even if the credit isn't openly given. Just the other day she mentioned the idea that those who seem to cause the most pain are the ones who need love the most. It's not a pleasurable moment that having someone take the time to care can often induce that is linked as a reward to the hate but as a teacher through our actions and words that even though they may not be aware of it there is changes taking place in them as our natural ability to learn from those around us and the actions of those we, in some respects idiotically, give power to make rules for society to keep people safe from harm such that those intent on violence quickly find that such actions are not tolerated and almost always lead towards criminal proceedings that curtail their freedoms. To me this is not about punishment but a way of keeping other non violent citizens more safe from possible harm.

    This is where I find a massive problem in the criminal justice system that goes from a telling off up to full life imprisonment without parole and in some place certain death in the style found most acceptable to the majority. This now leads back to the idea that our own actions are teachers and taking the life of someone as those often wrongly accused find themselves in the 'death for a death' which despite so many errors that have no way of being reversed the madness continues with seemingly little care of it happening again other than putting in place new measures but still mistakes of a fatal nature continue, systems are letting others see that killing is OK. It may be only in specific circumstances but not everyone takes the lesson to the exact detail and can generalize and shout for drug users to be culled simply because their opinions have been skewed by whatever source of information and their own reasoning or more often emotionally instinctive reaction that can lose all perspective on the right thing to do that can be far worse than the crime itself. Another of my sister's male partner revealed to me a tabloid crazy scheme to put surveillance cameras in the houses of 'junkies'. Although the guy isn't so well educated to take the bare facts and come to his own thoughts he understood that it was the thin edge of the wedge as I described it leaking into lesser crimes step by step until we all have cameras watching over us all in the 1984 prediction that some go as far as claiming as a blueprint for the future society. And that is indeed how things can turn out when hate, however well intentioned, becomes the dominant force and bad people eventually find positions of power to make hate and such atrocities as torturing the civilian population as a normalized and propaganda brainwashing campaign that is accepted as the right thing to do. It's only those willing to take each new idea they encounter and use their own humanity and sense of doing what is right to the extreme that being as Buddha and aiming to be the perfect human in that specific description in Buddhism unveils the curtain of lies as being the dystopia of psychopaths. In some respect the normalization of massive civilian casualties, many of which are women and children, have our current media glossing over these facts as they focus on our brave troops as heroes and avoid the link that is obvious that in certain parts of these military forces individuals who pulled the trigger with little clue if there was accidental stray bullets or a darker intent that those with powerful weapons and a licence to kill can sometimes make more sensitive targets a sick prize worth gunning down, cause of such awful slaughter of children who don't even know why there is so much violence at every turn and can only think that this is the way of the world when the truth is that wars are profitable in terms of money, resource acquisition and control to the point of having power over nations beyond borders and in order to keep the arms industry profitable a very sure way is to keep conflicts going in parts of the world at all times with no sign of any let up on the horizon.

    This is why I have taken this time to plead that as a human being related to all life in some way and at some point in the distant past as life evolved and became more varied and creatively unique in billions of ways, most of which we will never know existed as they died out long ago with no evidence meaning there is no clues and that's gone from our using what we find to expand our knowledge scientific information gathering system which seems the most intuitively rational and sound, and maybe their is some kind of universal infinite knowledge to tap into at some level but currently we are not aware of it and other than remaining open to let it find us we simply have to go on what we have. I plead you look at the harm we inflict on others that are often covered under collateral damage and to some of these hateful people who are in positions of power only by having the masses conform to this mad system we've created, are openly saying that child slaughter is worth it to ensure the freedom of some nation that they are blatantly stealing that very expressed with words and labelled, under the strong value to many, freedom buzz word which is at odds in the extreme with their actions, in many unchangeable ways such as the final and certain end of life that didn't have to happen no matter what the psychopaths running this asylum express as a way to placate the masses back asleep and unaware enough to keep things as they are and avert the revolution that could have happened many times but to rebel against the system that as fed and sheltered you your entire life is the act of a criminal according the issue dodging professional liars in sharp suits and backed by enough arms and destructive weapons to wipe any sign of humans ever having existed while the planet glows green for 10,000 years, which is the total opposite of the perfect human described by the Buddha that is fully awake and can see through the circus of distraction and misinformation that is not just some dictatorships population control as for those who are awake it is obvious that our own media is itself a propaganda machine which is a step to refusing to listen to opinions and only deal with verifiable factual information that you can then build your own more true to self opinions and being wrong isn't bad but actually a sign that you've learned something new that either was wrong or vague and now is more in step with facts (there is a fact that is there is no such thing as fact and that's a fact!), which often reveal how warped the system is and can shock people at how blind others have become to what is now so obvious it can't be avoided. That is not freedom but the actions of hate filled violent people teaching hate and murder as the norm and giving the bearded turban terrorist looking and not to be trusted no matter how kind and honest they seem, natives a sense that they can also take lives but we call them terrorist.

    Freedom fighters or terrorists, it depends who's side your on and who wins the war. But the saying that you can fool some people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time is true as long as there are people who realize their true nature and how love and compassion increases our connection with others and is the fuel to propel us into that very bright and healing in ways we can that are far beyond anything ever imagined. And this strong sense of how things work can see that the system is broken and that hate is given daily targets to vent at through the media in a perverted way such that to be good is to inflict pain on others based mostly on media expressed opinions rather than a collective agreement when all indvidually reasoned ideas are put together with only the most agreed upon as being sane as how humans should be. Those who simply repeat something said in the paper are often lacking in their own sense of having the ability that is rarely used to come to a view that they feel is most true to them and will accept the TV news as reality when it's simply a linear expressed opinion that is edited and controlled to give not just overt information but often unspoken yet in order to accept one fact that seems right it can often be that we unconsciously take on another view that has to exist in order for the words to make sense which often most people are switched on enough or know enough of how words can influence a person in ways depending on how they are delivered and once you know such linguist tricks presuppositions such as, "your government as your servant are with in the fight to end crime." To accept that you have to accept that you are also in the fight against crime that isn't so clear and has to be assumed as true to accept it. It slips under many peoples critical filtering with ease such that they find themselves later exclaiming that they have come to the decision that they are in the fight against crime oblivious to where the idea came from. There are many such presuppositions from basic and simple ones such as saying, "the window was broken." has the assumed attached but unspoken easy to understand notion that there was someone or something that broke the window, and also that their is a thing called a window that exits and previously wan't broken to state the obvious in the extreme. And then into more complex versions that can have a collection parts such as, "the old idea of having to eat five small meals a day that is now replaced and has the backing through many repeated studies of the top 89% leading food nutritionists and giving fasting as one of those powerful ways to burn fat and become even more healthy in all those beneficial ways everyone deserves in life is even more effective than previously understood and not only those added findings that increases your high level of well being even higher and it's even easier than you first thought", has so many missing parts that only those on full alert and with skilled processing to notice all the unsaid ideas being implanted in the minds of others that most people just end up accepting them without questioning it such as asking who these top nutritionist are and what specific qualifications do they possess to make such obvious truthful statements that I've just reasoned to myself and was not covertly programmed no matter and in no way am I fooling myself as I feel 100% certain it's the case as it can only be that way and I'll shout down any dissenters aggressively to prove it. That is what we are living in and although I respect that people are patriotic and will always stand by their nations there is a point that as a species we have to change course as our current direction has destroyed so much life and polluted and ploughed ecosystems into the ground in a few years that took many hundreds of thousands of years to grow and thrive with that drive to keep life going. Picking out one such covertly presupposed belief is the idea of it being even easier than you first though which means that you already thought fasting to be easy which with such great minds involved it has to be that way even though there might be a slight conflict such that the moment you accept the overt belief you have in the form expressed you have also accepted having believed that is was easy before. This is often counter to how most people view the thought of starving themselves so can be very powerful at making it seem easy once you find that you have that idea that you aren't sure when you decided it was that way but it came from your mind so their must be a grain of truth in some form in it and now it's even easier so I can relax and feel more certain of success as inevitable because easy things are simple to do with little or no struggle or effort required. In some ways these can induce positive effects in a persons life that might not have been so easy when left to their old ways of thinking but it's up to you to be aware how words and other meta communications such as voice tone and hand gestures along with facial expressions having all kinds of other information that is often less easy to detect than the words themselves. If someone says they love you but in sneering tone you'll feel the conflict in your body often and this is worth taking notice of as a signal that something else is going on that is creating incongruence in the communication that often reveals things such as the person having doubt about what they say as they use words about being absolutely convinced but their doubt may quiver their tone slightly as they say it. Some are more habitually attuned to such things while other gain the skill through watching speaker on video or listing to audio and taking moments to shift awareness away from content and focus on the way and full range of auditory smaller chunks such as tone, rhythm and tempo such that you'll find that there is so much more going on and it gives you a sense of the state of the person speaking as it leaks out of them and is more likely to be noticed once you have taken a few moments to hear beyond the words to the point that your unconscious eventually takes over and you don't have to think about as your effortless tone detection machine you've created knows what is important and worth letting you know about such as a person selling items to you who may be using tones of desire as he mentions the thing as a way of attaching that state that you have a sense of to the object without your knowledge. Never trust a salesman and a great book on psychology and sales which is highly entertaining and very creative in the most optimistic way that unless the person seems set on not buying and you can feel their certainty as honest then with a slight uncertainty or just the pure easy I want this one and saying there you go is always able to adapt to all problems given by the shopper as you use your creativity and sense of both getting the sale while adding pleasure to the process as a way of increasing future sales from the person and others who he has told of his positive and highly enjoyable purchase of 5 toasters form the Dixie Browner deluxe range and you are so happy with them all that you made yourself an entire loaf of toast 3 times over on the first night and each time was better than the last. If you believe you can do it then you'll find a way. Those that say the market is not moving and people wont part with their cash based on how the economy is then you'll struggle to sell. Find value in what you are selling that overcomes these issues and you have a starting point which grows the with experience to the point that you're selling sand dunes to Saudi Arabia on a by one get one free weekend bonanza that has billionaire princes calling your phone to personally speak with the dream maker salesman fuelled by certainty that you'll always find a way and always do which only grows stronger with time such is the nature of creativity and the brain becoming slicker and more zippy in states of flow that are genius to others but are what you always knew we all possess and maybe one day people will join you as you spread the love in all ways to all people at all times in all the ways you know and don't know that you know but realize that with such complexity beyond your awareness it is sure to always be that reality is indeed after countless moments that a blind man could it is love and when you put on the belief for a while to alter your expectations to align and reveal what love is the only reality has in such mind blowing pleasure even from a blank page it will drive you with the deepest of lustful cravings to make it shift from belief into love being the factual and knowledge based ultimate truth of what reality is and it's only going to get better if you believe it is such is the nature of your mind. I do give people a warning when adding such powerful beliefs that they are aware that their powerful mind in the background has been and always will be looking out for your safety so ensure you are certain of this to give your unconscious the belief in that very idea that it knows and now lets you be aware of this such that people can be doing their make-up in moving traffic and still manage to slam on the breaks when required when looking in mirror on the sun visor since in the peripheral vision you have trained yourself to know danger and you unconscious finds important enough to do the braking before you even are aware there is danger such is the nature of you mind to keep you going in the ways it is constantly updating as you grow and evolve into higher states of life form that one day will no longer resemble human form and this isn't so much a concern as long as you believe you are evolving in the best ways you are perfecting on in each moment then the future will take care of itself and you may find that surprise that is so potently pleasurable as your mind is blown into higher thinking levels that make life seem effortless. Believe it to be this way and you'll find it. Believe you can't and you'll find that even full of the most driving stimulants there isn't enough energy to overcome a strong enough limiting belief that is only imaginary since every problem has an infinite and unique in all ways number of solutions which opens the door to let them find you until you have them solving problems you never where aware existed as you flooooooow through life like Neo in the Matrix. Believe.

    There will come a point that we no longer have control of our headlong dive into oblivion as it collapses as if it has learned from our example and is showing off to an extent that even the best minds can't invent solutions that are able to outpace utter destruction that is our planet as a burned out husk born from stupidity and the inability for good people to take a stand when there was still time. Life may go on and maybe be far better off without us but do you really want that? Or do you want to show all other life that respect for all life to be free to express itself as it used to be is a noble cause and through our actions we can teach others how to do it.

    Are there good people willing to make that new step towards adding compassion and love to life that with enough people and constant chipping away it will eventually be a self propulsion system with no need for any conscious effort and that is where peace and our destiny to spread life as we know it to places we don't yet know exist other than being so likely that it's a sure bet is assured in what ever from we evolve into.

    I extend the hand of peace and unconditional compassion that is devoid of judgement as we are not perfect yet we can aspire to be and blaze the love trail that others find easy to glide in the slipstream as they look longingly at how bright your light shines and desire to find that same sun burst of super nova brightness in themselves. I now leave your future in the person most able to make it the way they desire built on designing to your own individual taste as the way you wish to be rather than accepting old painful limitation as we all evolve into higher beings in each and every moment including right now and then all points that extend into the future we either leave up to uncaring hate filled power hungry cunts in need of massive hugs and a caring shoulder to cry on or you can make enough of a commotion and be part of the counter culture that is peaceful and freedom loving to all in the hope and strongest of faiths that we shall be worthy of being allowed such great powers and put us on the path of evolving into what it is we don't yet know but it has to be massive in comparison to what we currently are and for those willing to accept such ideas may even be returning to our true godlike nature that we simply forgot about as we started everything from scratch at the big bang to have the experience in the material plane we only know as certain as our minds can as currently all there is and what lies beyond is worth adding your own love and caring side to make it more likely as a future relative of our species finds out or something else that only the gods know and aren't giving anything away at this point as may change in the future such is the infinite possible ways things can grow into and the more you are make a footprint in the lives of others your little bit of almost insignificant life in the grand scheme of things is part of creating the future and the best way to have it as we desire to express it to others such as myself forgiving all and respecting the equal at the core of who we are to be given respect and acceptance of the freedom to believe and think in unique ways knowing that it's only a matter of time that you catch that glimpse that is you reflected back from others who you have taught well. Give a lesson worth having yourself. How will you use your powers? I'm on the side of good because inflicting pain and harm on others is not part of that agreement and those who crave revenge are destroying themselves from the inside as the hate the imagine inflicting on others is felt in their body and is against the very nature of evolution which is fully on the side of keeping life going and as a species we must have a caring enough nature or we might have attacked our own future as controllers of the planet and the cats may have took their rightful place using hoomans as slaves to build their pussy palaces and make boots in the style that is ahead of fashion as is the nature of the cat that it has adapted to our existence and already has started the master plan of ultimate domination of the planet or maybe they just purr the feline version of Mr Burns saying 'excellent' knowing we haven't got a clue what they have in store for us. Treat them well and maybe they'll go easy on us such is the lesson through our actions and it's your turn to make your next move right now....

    If being clued up in the magical properties of communication in the way we express ideas that can take the hard smashing of an opinion that often meets the unshakeable wall of peoples critical mind that can swat such blatant attempts to sway people and alter it in such a way that the easy flowing and simple to understand information backed by all the facts passed on by a undisclosed secret organization working deep under cover where they have access to the most secret of data that can't be talked about any further is evidence enough that either it's true or made up and until you question it to get all the information in as much detail in all communication forms that words are a small part in many cases you will be more able to see clearly how things are in the most basic and majority accepted sensory based and devoid of our very nature to take events and delete stuff that doesn't seem important in the moment and we distort incoming information that reality is more likely to be as we expect it rather than it actually is and the most schizophrenic of people can see aliens rewiring their modem as they tap into the network mind of all our collected knowledge that is always growing as people find their voice more and more easy to give their perspective such that by accepting their is value no matter our opinions that may differ then their is always new learnings in each moment no matter if we know it and in most cases are unaware of it but filtering information unconsciously such that all information is used only to benefit you, those around you and the planet at large will be a continual evolution as you grow into more than before in each moment and reach understandings of great wisdom worth sharing such that we all expand as a one in our very own ways specific and important to us leaving where our compassion melts the coldest of hearts eventually given that love is the only reality and accepting this powerfully positive and life enhancing belief will blow your mind as the love you eventually see in everything at some level will be a constant potent energy that then is in every word and action and thought no matter if any one notices in their awareness that creates that reality that is simply and idea waiting to be realized and when there is only love their can only be forward and the most productive of species evolving in ways that are even more loving moment by moment in purity, unconditional expression and power that will eventually lead to heaven on Earth and all because you believed and acted how you desire others to be towards you and now we are all super beings evolving exponentially in ways that our current form would attach the label of gods such is the vast difference that can happen in no time at all and the more you put into it the more quickly it shall be and the end of suffering which is purely mind based and uses old value systems to asses what is right and what is wrong is replaced by a new drive that is constantly and accelerating in quantity and of increasing quality of seeing your limitless potential become more real in each moment to the point that you are evolving so fast that you can put take your conscious mind and lay back in the relaxing place such as a beach hammock on a paradise island or a summer meadow with a natural bubbling stream with that relaxing constant sound of nature flowing with ease and having no cares or whatever you find appealing in the amazing future we will only know as real when we realize that what used to be a pipe dream is not agreed upon shared reality and common knowledge only rejected by those unwilling to accept change no matter that it is occurring despite their stubborn refusal adapt while they are also heading towards the very thing they are focusing on to avoid since the mind at the unconscious level doesn't understand negation such that given you the suggestion not to think of a pet and ensure not to think of that pet as you focus not thinking of the pet and that pet that is in your mind is the nature of unconscious mind as to not think of something it has to think about in order to know what not to think about and you are evolving into the reality that is infinite love in all points in the universe growing more real as you may be wondering how you can put a smile on someone's face knowing that this happy state is out there and no longer under your command and will find it's way through the network of populations and return to give you that smile of satisfaction that may it is your giving of happiness returning from it's society expanding in positive ways you don't have to know what they are as the important thing is that it works as you instinctively know is the way of things and as you relax and get on with spreading love with only the unconscious knowing of keeping aware of the love reflected your way such that your massive giant of genius potential that is the mind behind your awareness that does all the complicated things as the conscious mind often takes the credit will know it when it sees it and let you be fully aware and so love is all around at all times and always heading towards infinite power to steer those stars in ways that can only be good and currently one of the most perfect of states that will grow into something we haven't yet evolved the neurology to experience and that's worth giving kind words with no care if it's not returned in the moment as things don't always work they we we think they should but as all things are the way they occur and are now set as how things have happened, are happening and always will happen it can only be perfection as that is all there is and to be otherwise would mean altering how things seemed which doesn't seem worth effort as once you've changed it that new happening is not how things could only occur in the past as they did and therefore you have replaced one perfection with another which isn't of any increased value so let it be and learn in order that you evolve into the divine nature that is pure unconditional love driven by the knowledge that a species that is in the reality that is only love that is evolving in perfect ways is the most certain to give us that chance of reaching our ultimate destination that is a lot of effort to not be godlike and that is your true nature in the realm of living without limits since you'll always find yourself growing for the greater good and in those most personal enjoyable ways that is can be seen as how it was always going to turn out but you'd been wiped of that knowledge and are in the process of now revealing something that is so vast and eternal in the perfect way in it's truest form in the material plane that knowing the more you accept that you are accelerating on the path that is your now dream life of ultimate fantasy beyond anything you could imagine in a billion life times is worth the small price of altering your beliefs to become the person who can change the world as you realize the old way of struggling to change things as your old limited self was logically faulty and now you realize that the true power of changing those around you starts by changing yourself and building in the skills and giving out love and compassion and kind supportive words of encouragement and belief in others that will return to support you when needed most and it's bliss all the way from the moment you put it out and to ensure that love is the only reality the constant acceptance of this belief will alter your perceptions filters such that with honest and pure sensory awareness without bias or judgement of how it makes you feel will give you the control over your reality such that your eventual convinced self after overwhelming fact based evidence that your mind has been shifting to reveal what was always there and now in your awareness to the point that you begin to convince other without even mentioning that love is the only reality but simply having such a strong convinced feeling makes you at levels mostly out of awareness that convinces others without their knowledge which they find of great value as it expands in them and eventually everyone will find that love is the only reality and it's mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    The more teachers you expose yourself you will find that you are not only increasing your knowledge and understanding using the given words to make meaning that you can use in your life but at a much deeper level and very powerfully so you can enhance your certainty that each teachers way of delivery has in it a set way which is how they code information such that you can increase your ways of understanding information with each new teacher you give your attention or even out of awareness such is how the brain often picks up things which hours of conscious application would struggle to attain what you didn't even know you were learning and that is everywhere and those who are constantly out to find fault are looking for problems such that even if they don't exist they make them up to be sure they're on top of things while knowing that all information has value in some context and letting your vast unconscious the freedom and belief in always improving and adding in positive ways such that the many understandings that are continually growing in each moment of experience will be a powerful force in understanding new information that many may think is too complex. Buy consciously understanding in that bit by bit connection of information there is so many other learnings using those vast and constantly accelerating in number while becoming quicker and more efficient in each moment from this moment onwards as has always been the case to some degree but now his more purposeful given that it is believed to be the case and reality is far more aligned with what you believe it to be than the actual full blown infinite in complexity that that the conscious minds limited range of holding small amounts of information at any one time is the drop in the ocean and by building new beliefs about reality you get to pick the drops you want rather that accept what you've learned as the way things are when the truth is no one knows how things are and were not even close no matter the mass of gained knowledge given that there is infinitely more to discover and so if you want to change your quality of life then it is logically the most simple and easy by light years to update your exceptions of what you believe you will find such that if you believe there is opportunity to gain wisdom in every situation it wont seem all that surprising that a bland white static paper cup might blow your mind as your brain connects information in a way that updates you to make you wiser such as understanding that the positives I've expressed in altering reality buy changing your beliefs doesn't even come close to the power to turn hell into heaven before your eyes once you accept the belief that you are living in paradise despite any former contrary evidence and eventually your mind will shift in ways that finds that Nirvana no matter how others attach negatives to hell zones that even in war you'll find it as long as you reject anything counter as not being how it is and your mind will find it although now that love is the reality the old war zones have past away and the vanished and gone forever to then nothingness point of only seeing things in a positive light that evolves you will do that very thing and this is the power of the conscious mind to give instructions and set directions for the far more effective and fully resourceful with every bit of sensory information both from outside and imagined to use as information for every moment of your entire life that can lead to heaven on Earth as love is the only reality seems so how things seem that others find themselves discovering it also based on your strongest of beliefs that even if you told someone that the that time had stopped using that same certainty you'll quickly find someone who can dodge bullets and that's just party tricks to warm up the crowd and as you give yourself a new attitude that has stripped who you thought you were bare and rebuilt a version of a human being that is godlike to many and you will reach that point eventually and it starts by making that first step into your new reality by most unique and personal to you desired design which is where the alteration of the outside world happens with no need to put any more effort than accept that the new reality you are now aware of is altering the material world on a level that currently isn't measurable and in unknown ways that moves others to make the changes that align as you believe it is and will be the way others see it when the time is just right now.......

    Don't do drugs kids (remember the idea of the unconscious mind not processing negation and how the best of intentions a person has who uses the phrase don't do drugs is like a covert unchallenged command do the very thing they are against and now you know you can make a more informed and unbiased by influences as you find them and strip them to find your core self that knows the best next move as you are now on that path that always was but only now seems to be more positive that is your dream life you are living in each and every moment as your decisions are fully beneficial no matter how things seem as often teachings required for future moments to reach those deepest of desires that is going to not only blow your mind but turn every person's head on the planet in your direction in awe if that is how you desire it and it's up to you and you are now fully aware that it is you that is in control and being aware of this very moment in time as being all you experience as real has the infinite possibilities of making any move or action or thought or decision and that is yours to choose now and always... enjoy

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