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  1. Spoonwoman
    This poem is a collection of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and so on that I've gathered over the years. I find it easier to write about sad events, so I figured I try my hand at a break up/turbulent relationship piece.

    It's like I try to move forward but we're still looking backwards

    And we try to turn the page-but we're stuck in this chapter

    It's like we're free to have a future-but imprisoned by our past

    Every new day-still reminds us of our last

    And we're both tired of this song-but can't seen to turn it off

    And we've both tried to leave before-but everytime we get lost

    And ironically in being lost we find each other

    So the cycle begins again as friends-trying to master lovers

    It seems I'm trying to recover this place you once held in my heart

    Amazing how you sit so near-yet you feel miles apart

    See this time in between us-its not physical but emotional

    And arguing has become so common- it might as well be devotional

    It's obvious we've both grown tired and fatigued from this game

    And it seemd the only thing we have in common-is pain

    For it seems our foundation is too easily shook

    As we constantly point the finger searching for the Crook

    Who showed the remains of what used to be us

    I thought love took time but it seems that it's rust

    It's been a countdown since the day that we met

    And it's evident that time has officially let

    Us both down

    It's like

    I often wake wishing things were back like they used to be

    You know-when you loved me-and you wearnt just used to me

    Cause when we first started off-we knew we had us a gift

    So my mind can't fathom-what brought us to this

    Hell- the last argument damn near brought us to fists

    Baby what happened to the passion -what happened to bliss

    Baby what happened to laughin and the sparks when we kiss

    Now everybody's asking..Is this love legit?-

    and i cant even answer cause i dont know- i find myself avoiding you

    so i dont blow

    i know that you love me-but it's only in moments

    because one minute your my partner-the next my opponent

    and no matter what i try- i cant fix the components

    and i guess i lease the love-cause i can't seem to own it

    See i feel like i critisize way more than i'm cheerful

    and i find myself asking-What the hell am i hear for?

    Is it for love? Cause i'm willing to give that

    But at the end of the day- it's not willing to give back

    So my mind and my motives are no longer in tact

    Cause the words cut deep-so deep- that in fact

    My heart feels like it's been scratched

    And the results a battle scar

    No..let's call it a love sore

    A permanant reminder of the battle in love's war

    See sometimes I wonder..What do i love for?

    See i always get screwed so does that make me love for

    Cause it's always the same game

    Different name- and new contestants

    See I thought this one was different-cause i knew he was pre destin

    So i dont understand

    If god made us for each other and tied for eternity

    Then brought us back together thru time and maternity

    How can my love act as if he dont know where home is

    As if he dont know what home gives

    As if i'm not supposed to be his house for homes kids

    But this isnt his fault

    It's our fault- and yes i know this

    They say that home is where heart is -well once again he's homeless

    cause he refuses to be a permanent resident

    See i need someone who isnt hesitant- to love me blatently

    Because i feel with everyone that leaves i feel like their taken me

    and i barely have enough to put me back together

    See some say the time and the results of stormy weathery- are the ones that make us better






    We used to be able to make love and make up after a couple hours

    now hours have become days and days become weeks

    No affection,No emotion and we barely even speak

    Both tired of fighting each other

    But too pridefull to retreat

    So we remain on front lines destroying each other

    Shooting words with sniper like precision wounding one another

    Scarred and Marred...yet we still remain

    It seems somehow love and war-it somehow became

    equal to each other and somewhat the same

    Till the equation of me plus you-

    always equals pain

    Author Bio

    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut ;)
    And some dope =)


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