Love thy neighbour; turn him in.

By Nacumen · Apr 19, 2007 · Updated Apr 19, 2007 · ·
  1. Nacumen
    No Neighborhood Watch group in your community? Want to send your acquaintance to prison for decades? Look no further!

    Here at, we offer services with which you can anonymously alert your local authorities of suspicious activities. It's fast, free, and easily accessible on the world wide web!

    Ruin a fellow citizen's life today!

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  1. klaatu
    I love the "Google Ads" on the right hand side of the Home Page promoting Lab Furniture and Pro lab products - "designed and installed to your exact needs" :)

  2. VincentVan
    Even more paradoxal: try to click on the "faces of meth" button.
    One more proof that drug users are ugly.
  3. allyourbase
    LMMFAO @ "tweeker hunt". I dislike this website, as it will most probably be used as a means of social retaliation as often as for its intended purpose. just another big list of people who dont fit in. suspects in this country.
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