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  1. SpatialReason
    You know it!

    Shortest. Best. Blog. Ever. :)

    Edit: (I CAN'T STAND IT BEING THAT SHORT... that's what she said)

    Seriously, today is supposed to be an extremely depressing day that will hurt. I will try not to let it be that way. Tomorrow is going to hurt. I set a date on top of an emotional day where I set down my commitment to attain some form of a normal life. I realize that I will never be sober or abstinent, but I will be proud of myself if I can at least start becoming "like everyone else" in terms of usage.

    Psychedelics: I am down to tripping 2 times a month. Sometimes even just once a month. :O

    Drinking: I will not spend over $25 a week on booze going out. For me, that was sometimes a single damn Monday after work! I just have a beer at home sometimes just because it'd be nice to watch TV and enjoy a brew. One and that is it. So that is starting to become a parallel of normality to any American male my age.

    Synthetic Cannabinoids: I haven't smoked that shit in 2 and a half weeks. I really don't care to.

    Other types of drugs: It's been a month since my last stimulant outside diet pills. And I stopped those for over 2 weeks as I should. I use them sporadically.

    Doing pretty good... :)

    If I can get over the death of a loved one and not turn to substances for comfort, I think I may have started to win this fight with my own life. I am just starting to relax and have fun. I am still lonely... oh so very lonely... I feel like the female gender has abandoned me. I try not to let that get me down. I used to just drink to "not let it get me down," which my dumbass obviously forgot that is "letting it get you down." I guess I am an idiot in some regards.

    As for work and everything, my old man ain't bugging me. I am learning new stuff and starting to have some value as an engineer. Life is going good there. I will keep working on building credit, and I may soon have a house. I just have to wait for that FICO score to kick in. At that point, I am going to move into my own place.


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