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Loveland pot shops close despite request for restraining order

  1. Mick Mouse
    Loveland's medical marijuana dispensaries were closed today, despite the filing of a lawsuit that seeks to keep at least three of them open.

    Loveland City Attorney John Duval said he has not received notice of a hearing to consider the lawsuit's claims that the city's ban on dispensaries is unconstitutional.

    Attorney Robert Corry Jr., who filed a complaint in Larimer District Court late Monday, seeking a temporary restraining order that would allow the dispensaries to remain open. Corry claimed the city's ban on dispensaries "is unconstitutional, because it unduly burdens patients and caregivers."

    Meanwhile, Loveland police said that all the dispensaries in the city were shuttered today, which means the owners avoided jail time or heavy fines.

    Voters in November passed a marijuana dispensary ban by an overwhelming majority. The vote gave the dispensaries until today to close their doors.

    By Monte Whaley
    The Denver Post


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