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  1. teddybearpicnics
    You're wearing a perfect disguise,
    I'm so in love it should be decriminilized,
    You shot me down but that's okay,
    I don't give a damn about you anyway.

    You've got the easy part,
    You've got the kinder heart,
    Going through the gauntlet all alone.
    I've got the sinking heart,
    I've got to watch this start,

    I could have told you that I love you,
    and it would have been a lie,
    We could have put this up for review.
    It's old news we're dead inside.

    All this talk and this talk and this talk keeps filling up,
    the air around me till there's nothing I can breath.
    We're in a ballon and covered everything,
    Going to a place we've never seen.

    I'd love to take your hand,
    And watch this landscape pass,
    It's such a beautiful view,
    Can't believe it's our last.

    If this was a dream we'd keep floating,
    Nothing to worry about but you,
    Instead this is reality.
    Fact is I'm losing you.

    Don't you wish this was a double feature?
    Don't you wish we had our own damn teacher, somehow?
    We'd have more time, to sit and cry.
    We'd have more words, to tell in lies.

    Instead we'll get going,
    it's okay, It doesn't matter anyway.
    It's not the feelings we're having trouble showing.
    The hardest part, is letting go.

    You know I love you,
    You know I care,
    The only thing that will save us,
    Is the book of common prayer.

    Take heart, to how you feel,
    Take heart, to how much you feel.
    Take heart, to how much of love, is real.


  1. dyingtomorrow
    I'm extremely admiring and, admittedly, envious of people who can play music. Thanks for sharing your work with us :)
  2. teddybearpicnics
    dying you are a quite a goodfella. too bad we don't live closer
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