LSD and Bromo Mescaline seized in drug bust

By chillinwill · Jun 13, 2009 · Updated Jun 13, 2009 ·
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    Altona Police seized a variety of drugs and charged a 16-year-old Altona male after responding to a family dispute in a local apartment on June 9.

    Altona Police Chief Glen Robinson said the male was assaulting his mother which prompted the arrest.

    What officers found at the scene was nothing short of disturbing.

    “We seized a substantial quantity of LSD, a small amount of marijuana some MDMA and bromo mescaline,” Robinson said.

    MDMA is a synthetic, psychoactive drug with amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic properties. It is also recognized as a more refined version of Ecstasy.

    Bromo mescaline is a combination of ecstasy and LSD.

    Cops also seized several tablets of unknown origin. At this point police are sending some of the seized narcotics to forensic labs for analysis.

    Robinson said it concerns them to discover LSD being dealt in Altona. “This is the first seizure of LSD that I’ve had in 18 years,” he said.

    In fact Robinson’s last exposure to the drug was while working in Brandon in the early ’80s.

    A hallucinogenic drug, LSD creates vivid hallucinations and causes long term effects.

    But because there is no way of knowing what the source of the drug is, there’s no way to say how harmful it could be.

    ‘“LSD is very dangerous,” he said.

    And although the majority of LSD is made in very few labs, there’s no way of knowing exactly what the ingredients are in each batch.

    “They’re not pharmacists mixing the drug up,” he said.

    Robinson said he wants parents to be aware that this stuff is out there, and said some drugs like the blotter LSD is hard to spot.

    “What parent would know what that little square of blotter paper is?” he asked.

    The remaining drugs, with the exception of the marijuana, were in pill or tablet form.

    The male will face several drug related and assault charges at his court appearance scheduled for July 22 in Altona.

    Posted By Greg Vandermeulen
    June 12, 2009
    The Red River Valley Echo

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