LSD and Ecstasy seized by police

By torachi · Apr 23, 2011 · ·
  1. torachi
    15554.jpg Following a complaint on the evening of Wednesday, more than one party was saturated with LSD and ecstasy in Porto Alegre. Informed that the drugs would be given by a trafficker in a mall parking lot on Avenida Assis, Brazil in the north of the capital, around 23h, Denarc agents reached a man of 20 years with the product in a Citroen C3 car, black.

    The trafficker, a Systems Analysis student at a college in Porto Alegre, was found with 50 LSD hits and ten Ecstasy tablets.

    Police investigating follows

    According to the officer Marcio Moreno, the drug sales could fetch up to £5000.

    "We had information that the drug would reach that location and arrested one of the traffickers, but the operation is not closed. We are investigating the circuitry of these drugs, which are the hardest to understand, here in Rio Grande do Sul." explains the investigating officer.

    Names were not disclosed

    The dealer was approached when he descended from the car and apprehended in the act. Police did not specify which party or in which to place the LSD and ecstasy would end up.

    Last year, two deliveries of drugs were intercepted by Denarc in the same parking lot. On two occasions, however, the drugs were left by crack dealers in cars parked there.

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  1. PKoala
    What!! Sorry but £5000 for 50 hits of LSD and 10 pills sounds quite over the top, do they really mean sterling? I doubt it.

    This is one of the things that intrests me the most about drugs being found by the authorities, I understand that they may not know the real street value of many substances at different scales of sales along distribution but this is a bit extreme. Even if you convert the BRL to GBP it still comes out at just under £2000 which is still very over the top in my opinion.

    That said I have no idea of the stret prices in brazil but at that rate only the exceedingly rich could afford such substances which seems to go against the cultural norm that I am used to.
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