LSD changed my life. Im a new person.

  1. FunkyNotAJunky
    A few days ago I dropped acid for the first time. I have eaten shrooms before and I figured it would be something like that, so I was totally unprepared for what happened. Luckily, my boyfriend with whom I love and trust with all my heart, was there trippin with me, and I had such moments of pure clarity...I could understand why I react the way I do to life, and that I have the ability to choose at any given time what my reaction to something will be. I have a sense of self acceptance that has been inside me all along and I just didn't know how to release it. These among many other truths were shown to me. It was the most beautiful spiritual night of my life.

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    To accept and just get by like my father learned to do, but without all the acceptance in getting by that got my father through.


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