LSD dealing sends former Yakima resident to prison

By Euphoric · Sep 8, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric

    SPOKANE — A former Yakima man was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 51/2 years in prison for distributing LSD.

    A yearlong investigation showed that Allen Lint, 27, was a selling the hallucinogenic drug at regional barter fairs, federal prosecutors said in a Thursday news release. Authorities did not say where Lint was living when he was arrested.

    He and another man, Palmer Hanson, sold LSD to undercover officers at the Spokane Valley Mall on July 26, 2007.

    Palmer is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

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  1. Alfa
    51.5 years. That's really really rough.
  2. Euphoric
    I think it's supposed to be 5.5 years but can't read it easily even on the original source.
  3. Benga
    looks that way too, i surely hope it's this.

    51 years for distribution sounds radical, though you never know these days.
  4. Panthers007
    5 and 1/2 years in prison for making the wallpaper change? Typical. If he'd robbed the rate-payers of the entire state of California, he'd get a year, tops, in a country-club.

    I just love fascists and their wartime legal system.
  5. enquirewithin
    That's a real shame. The real criminals are running the country. Haven't the police got better things to do with their time than entrapping people?
  6. fnord
    From a private email.
  7. Alfa
    Thanks Fnord.
  8. Beeker
    Did they sell a sheet or something? 5 years seems high.

    ... With black kids getting 12 years for selling under a gram of crack it's hard to know what is worse I guess. Then again - no one has ever sucked dick for LSD as the drug wore off either.
  9. cra$h
    I'm pretty sure the minimal sentance for dealers is around 5 years. I don't know what makes someone a dealer, but it obviously varies drug to drug.
  10. radiometer
    I'm crying for you, avvy. :(

    Eddy will be sure to have a good wine enema in your honor.

    51.5 years sounds horrible, but let's not forget that life imprisonment was strongly possible here.
  11. pyroarchy
    Seems like I've heard of worse...anyone recall people being busted with sheets being charged with something like "attempt to overthrow the govt." or some crazy charge like that? Maybe the grapevine has twisted this story around some, but I've heard of people getting anti-govt charges against them for large amounts of psychedelics.

    5 years is a long time, hoply they will serve half if they are good. Usually most sentences are half served and released with over crowding of prisons. But then they gotta go thru with the parole and probation. SWIM has mad love for the people out there risking their freedom to spread the love...unless your overcharging of course!!
  12. darkglobe
    *googles Yakima*... LSD - hah - one of the lesser evils out there, methinks. Sod's law innit.
    EDIT: Ohhhh.... it's just a place. Thought it was significant.

    Fuck the man! Fuck the legal system!

    Fuck Bush, too, while I'm at it!
  13. radiometer
    fnord was kind enouhg to point out my misreading of the original post.

    All things considered, a 5.5 year sentence is great news, that makes my day. I'm quite sure Allen is strong enough to do that standing on his head while reciting The Psychedelic Experience backwards. :)
  14. fnord
    Yes i was quite excited to learn abuot this also! last i knw he was facing life? or something similar. While he shouldent be facing any time 5.5 is much better then life!
  15. elpatto
    Pretty harsh for sure. Especially as it was at fairs, I mean Acid at a fair is like pills at a rave.

    SWIM remembers reading a while back that a few dealers were arrested and were charged for dealing and furthermore charged with undermining the law or proceeding of the law, something like that anyway. It's scary to think that you can be charged for something that's not realy being commited.

    I guess it's a logical progression of current law, seeing that in many countries now you can be searched, including your backpack/handbag, with no warrant, under new "Terror laws". Almost makes me want to carry lots of wires, mysterios packages and clocks in my bag, may as well waste a bit of police time, seing as there is nothing illegal about doing such a act and the police are just possessing too much power and wasting too much taxpayer money.
  16. fnord

    More info:

  17. Beeker
    Just some FYI. This was a conspiracy case which holds a 10 year mandatory minimum. The only way to get under that 10 year is to 'help' the FBI. If you were in contact with these guys or had dealings with them then you'll be getting a knock on the door soon.
  18. FuBai
    Lint pleaded guilty to distributing 10 grams of LSD? Am I wrong in thinking that that is a shit load of acid? 66 months imprisonment and 5 yrs probabtion is relatively small compared to other manufacturers and producers of LSD.

    EDIT: just to include the following - 10 grams of LSD could make 200,000 tabs of 50 mcg potency, which is above average for tabs today.
  19. enquirewithin believed to have....

    I wonder what the true situation was and if the defendants really did have 10g of LSD, which is a shit load of acid.
  20. fnord

    Here is allens response to his charges:
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