LSD Seized in Mail

By BlueMystic · Sep 10, 2007 · ·
  1. BlueMystic!news

    LSD doesn’t show up on the radar too often for the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force.

    But JADE made a significant bust this week, according to a search warrant.

    JADE officers executed the search warrant Wednesday in order to search property owned by Abraham Ankney, who they suspect of possessing LSD with the intent to distribute.

    “[The bust] is the first I can remember in a long time,” said Lt. Don Campbell of JADE.

    An anonymous tip alerted JADE officers to a package containing LSD, which was supposed to arrive in the area Wednesday from the West Coast, according to the search warrant.

    Officers intercepted a FedEx package before it was sorted.

    Wrapped in a Tuesday issue of the San Francisco Examiner were three vials, which were seized, and the liquid they contained tested positive for LSD, the warrant stated.

    Campbell said the vials contained a large quantity of the drug.

    The package was then resealed and sent to its destination, 911 Elliott Ave., in Charlottesville, Ankney’s previous address. Ankney’s address is currently listed as 1107 B 6th St., which is near the Elliott property.

    Once Ankney signed for the package at the Elliott location, the officer executing the warrant, Detective John Seitz, seized it, authorities said.

    The entire JADE force was present for the bust, Sgt. Joe Hatter said.

    The package also contained a clear plastic bag with a “green, leafy plant-like substance,” a glass smoking device and a Samsung cell phone, which was returned to Ankney, according to the warrant.

    Ankney was released on his own recognizance.

    Both Hatter and Campbell said that LSD, a hallucinogenic drug, isn’t as common as cocaine or marijuana in the area.

    Still, Hatter added: “It’s not out of the ordinary.”

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  1. Felonious Skunk
    HUH?!? Is Ankney the mayor of Charlottesville or something?
  2. trptamene
    fuckin pacman....can they do this without a search warrant? I know they had a warrant for the house, but can they check domestic mail without a search warrant. If so, that is not right.

    ^^^^exactly...ya, let me go, I only had a quarter million dollars in LSD, I'll show up into court, i promise
  3. sarbanes
    Maybe I am the one totally mis-understanding this, but it sounds like they had a search warrent for the FedEx package only. Yes, you need a search warrent to legally open others mail and such, just like you need one for a house.

  4. allyourbase
    it was fed ex which is not "mail" under federal statutes. furthermore fedex often re-packages its own shipments, and will co-operate in the opening or searching of a parcel for law enforcement purposes without a warrant. on the brighter side, hed have been facing far worse charges if hed gone through USPS and they HAD had to have gotten a warrant.
  5. Nagognog2
    No bail? Something tells me he is cooperating with the police regards the source of the shipment. And something tells me there's a U-Haul rental truck pulling out on the highway somewhere...

    Regards sending stuff by FedEx - they truly do live up to their name. I remember the Robert Parrish case. He was a Black guy who played for the Boston Celtics basketball team. Had a nice house in an utterly racist suburb of Boston. FedEx delivered him a couple ounces of pot. Only they weren't FedEx drivers. He luckily got off with probation. It was a media circus with a loud public outcry of "unfair" echoing everywhere.

    If it had been done through USPS (United States Postal Service), it would be a Federal case.
  6. Benga
    I can't believe they're allowed to print a person's name and current address like this, when as far as i know the investigation is still ongoing.
    is this normal ? it sounds like a "why don't you drop him a visit". not that addresses are that confidential, but this is kind of surprising, and I don't get the logic behind it. Love of detail ? Adding community pressure to keep good people in check ? Right to inform ?
    they should add his phone number, kid's names and schools and good discount shops selling torches and rope, imo.

  7. jesusfreak666er
    what exactly did he do, when u think about it.... opening a package containing illegal substances unknowingly isnt really a crime. they didnt do anything wrong but open the mail.... he prob thought it was "support the troops" ribbon he had been waiting for...or so his attorney should say
  8. KBLSD
    best way to never get caught if ur shipping lsd but another name on the package besides ur real name and send it through the usa mail system, cuz im always getting mail sent to my house that has different names on it, but they dont have any drugs in them, so u could jsut tell the police it got sent to the wrong address
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