LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles

By chillinwill · May 13, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The use of the drug LSD, or commonly referred to as “acid,” appears to be increasing especially among young adults in Arcata.

    On April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unable to locate the subject’s testicles. He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained “monsters.”

    The victim, who police say had a Tennessee address, was with several friends when he began to experience negative feelings. He was dropped off at the Jay Street residence, to which Arcata Police responded at 4:18 p.m. that day.

    “We just thought it was an isolated incident,” said Police Chief Tom Chapman. He said calls to aid people having a bad experience with LSD or psilocybin mushrooms are “not uncommon.” But a flurry of subsequent incidents represent an unusual surge in LSD-related calls for service.

    On May 8, a 21-year-old male subject took LSD and wandered away from his residence. He left his shoes, adequate clothing, and cell phone behind and did not tell anyone where he was going. He wandered around the forest for days while concerned friends and family looked for him. He eventually returned a couple days later.

    On May 9, officers responded to the Mad River Hospital to assist with a combative 19-year-old male subject who was undergoing “flashbacks.” The subject had ingested LSD two weeks ago. Today, officers found him standing in the field being held by three friends who were attempting to get him into the emergency room. The friends were requesting police assistance and wanted their friend to get help. The officers detained the subject and held him for psychiatric evaluation by Humboldt County Mental Health.

    Last night, officers responded to the 900 block of H Street where an 18-year-old male subject, who was under the influence of LSD, was throwing himself on the ground in the middle of the street. He was arrested and taken to jail.

    Also last night, May 11,officers from APD assisted officers from UPD arrest a subject who was under the influence of LSD.

    Officers from the Arcata Police Department also had two additional contacts with unrelated subjects undergoing “flashbacks.” Both were cared for by friends and family. One subject was taken out of the area and back home by his family.

    The Arcata Police Department would like to remind you that the effects of LSD are extremely unpredictable. Many LSD users experience flashbacks long after initially using the drug. It is difficult to determine how long the effects of the LSD will last. The physical effects include dilated pupils, higher body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth, and tremors.

    Some LSD users experience severe, terrifying thoughts and feelings, fear of losing control, fear of insanity and death, and despair while using LSD. Some fatal accidents have occurred during states of LSD intoxication.

    May 12, 2010
    The Arcata Eye–-may-12-2010/

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  1. Estereal
    Aside from death, this has to be the worst thing SWIM has ever heard occurring while on drugs. :s SWIM has never come close to doing such an insane thing while on datura even!
  2. mickey_bee
    You need to have a very 'strong', or perhaps more appropriately, 'experienced' and 'open' mind to experience strong psychedelics.

    For swim the ratio of bad to good trips has increased simply as he's got older, and therefore experienced more of the world. Swim's all for kids having fun, but he really does believe strong psychedelics, even strong strains of cannabis, should be avoided until at least 18.

    The state of an adolescents brain is unstable enough as it is without adding in extremely potent psychedelic compounds!!:)-It shouldn't be messed with until it's finished growing. Imagine a half built building, whose construction is then completely overtaken by a radical new group of architects and builders- it would just be a mess!
    You need a very stable mental starting point from which to explore the mind further.

    Swim's early drug use, particularly his at points heavy smoking of strong cannabis when he was 14-18, really did leave effects that have yet to leave, and these days he would rather take a dose of LSD than a few good drags of a skunk spliff! Friends he knows who started smoking around 16/17 however, haven't any problem at all.
  3. godztear
    Sounds like someone is flooding the streets of Arcata with some potent LSD and drug newbies are getting their hands on it and over-doing it. I do feel bad for the guy though, i mean having a fear so great that it actually compels him to remove his testicles...he had to of been absolutely terrified at the time and is now going to need a lot of psychiatric help.
  4. Alfa
    I wonder if there is any LSD involved at all. The sequence of incidents indicates that a drug is at play that causes unexpected effects in users. Maybe a research chemical hitting the street?
  5. kryshen
    From what I've heard, LSD has been getting steadily less and less pure for the past twenty years. The stuff now is hardly even comparable to the old stuff. It seems quite plausible to me that someone might be cutting their LSD with a cheap RC... or just with any old chemical that reacts badly with it. Maybe to save money they're cutting it with a cheap powdered MAOI... that would increase the potency of LSD quite a bit, right? I'm not quite sure, but that'd be my guess.
  6. godztear
    I initially thought that as well, but I also noticed that most of the people described are relatively young therefore may not be as experienced in psychedelics. This is a rather naive assumption to make but someone who doesn't understand the full potential of LSD could easily consume too much and lose control of their trip.
  7. Alfa
    Yes, that possible on occasion, but highly unlikely to happen on so many instances within the time frame of a few days.
  8. EyesOfTheWorld
    Hmmm...........Arcata CA has been flooded with LSD since at least the early 90's and probably much longer, SWIM knows this for fact as he has been there many times and it's always been that way, it's one of the fairly standard stopover cities on the traveling Deadhead itinerary for some reason, probably the lax LE and the surrounding redwoods. Anyway, this does sound like maybe this is no longer so, and someone is trying to bridge the gap with RC's, last time SWIM was there, admittedly some time ago, the scene had slowed dramatically.
    Agree that young kids shouldnt be tripping, but the fact that the guy who castrated himself was 31 and from Tennessee implies he was either a traveler or a college student and probably well familiar with LSD, making one think strange RC. SWIM has taken LSD by the multiple vial and never wanted to cut off his balls. As has almost everyone he knows.
    Just some perspective from someone who knows the town in question.
  9. Valseedian
    sounds to me like an RC, and by the reporting style, sounds like 1/2 is either made up, or there are extenuating circumstances that aren't discussed in the document, such as other possible intoxicants; mental history; or that it's nearly impossible to confirm that someone has taken real LSD without another dose to test.

    the 'flashback' instance brings to mind the fearmongering of the past.. there seems to be a wealth of knowledge leading to the eventual and obvious truth that extreme flashbacks like these just don't occur. that 'flashbacks' usually come in the form of HPPD and are mild and constant, not extreme and intermittant. this is the largest factor in my assessment.

    remember all of those mephedrone horror stories that literally NONE were actually tied to mephedrone more then 'I took meph a few days ago'... blatant 'reefer madness' scare tactics... no better than common terrorists.
  10. EscapeDummy

    Mental history? Really? Do we need an autobiography of every person who has a bad trip, in addition to their family's mental history? I commonly see people saying "oh it wasn't the LSD, the guy had problems". Unfortunately many people don't know they have underlying mental problems until they bug out on a trip. The fact is, as awesome as LSD can be, it can also be a very dangerous drug, period, just like all drugs. I'm sick of seeing people try to act like it's (or other drugs) some amazing incredible substance that does no harm. (for the record, swim has only had one LSD trip and it was extremely enjoyable). Even experienced trippers have bad trips (not that these people were experienced; I have no idea). The way the article is written, I doubt the stories are made up. And if the guy was clearly suffering from HPPD/flashbacks enough that he needed help. Swim knows people that weren't right for up to a few weeks after, in fact on this very forum swim read a user stated that he had severe anxiety and panic from "getting on buses or being in cafeterias" or something along those lines after his first LSD trip, for over a week.
    That don't sound like fearmongering to me, it sounds quite reasonable and well reported. Not every one of these is a Gabi Price or Leah Betts...

    Other possible intoxicants, being an RC, being cut, or not being LSD at all, though, are legitimate concerns that the author should have touched upon though.
  11. John Doe
    This is astonishing, so many LSD related incidences in so little time? Who managed to persuade so many people to try LSD around the same time(a lot more surely must have consumed it for this many incidences?)?

    SWIM knows a town where most of the people who would enjoy LSD recreationally would not be of the right mindset to properly enjoy any psychoactive chemical let alone be comfortable and enjoy LSD right. And not once in the years and years he's known this town has he heard of reactions anywhere like these. SWIM is not pretending to be completely educated on any subject but there is a strong smell of rat off of this for quite a number of reasons.

    The worst reaction apart from a seriously bad trip that SWIM has encountered has been the observance of spiders everywhere by the person in question, once she left we realised she wasn't messing either there was actually quite a few spiders on the umbrella she was holding over her head in the forest they were in :p

    Sometimes SWIM wonders if people use drugs as an excuse for irrational and strange behaviour they may be undertaking while not under the influence of anything. He knows in his country for sure a lot of people who end up in court for various non-drug related offences use being under the influence of drugs as an escape route to a lenient sentence and 9 times out of 10 it works in their favour.

    In his country for instance, depending on the judge, being under the influence of Cannabis can often be used in court to lower or completely remove a custodial sentence. Although SWIM can almost see how this might occur he will never understand it.

    Edit: I wasn't disagreeing with the couple of posts above me, but SWIM personally doesn't think this is LSD causing all of these issues.

    Edit2: A couple of years ago, after reading about flashbacks and how they might have been a myth, SWIM finally found some solid explanation for them. The best way he's heard it put is, tripping is an extremely deep emotional experience and, even though not comparable, so is a car crash. People who have had serious car accidents do have momentary flashbacks so it is very well within reason to propose they may have been experiencing a flashback if their original trip was very overwhelming and they weren't able to deal with it psychologically or emotionally. As was said above, because you flipped on a trip doesn't mean you're psychologically weak it just means they aren't for you or your not ready or any number of other things. But SWIM still says this article is too much to be LSD...
  12. Terrapinzflyer
    the turtles aardvark can confirm Arcata is "awash in wash" - there is a LOT of high grade LSD floating around- usually as "wash" the highly potent and somewhat unknown strength liquid left over after laying sheets. There is also a lot of synthed DMT, MDMA and 2-cb around currently- all incredibly pure by normal street standards. There have been a number of busts recently of low/mid level folks...

    Bear in mind too Arcata is a college town, and has been a drugstore for decades with people from all over the country coming to score quantity with few if any connections. The "rc" scene is virtually non-existent there. It is also a magnet for those that are a bit mentally unstable... Arcata is a ~very~ strange place.
  13. enquirewithin
    This article is hard to take seriously at all. It seems the guy with monsters in his nads had nothing to do with the supposed LSD cases anyway, if you read it.

    "Mad River Hospital" ?!
  14. EyesOfTheWorld

    That's it's name..........due to the nearby Mad River
  15. jstewart0420
    Somebody suggested it was a batch made with "wash." That is very possible, the hits having up to five times as much as usual on them. Though, I would think the maker would keep those for himself :p

    I'd say since it was such a confined area, it was a "bad batch" of some sort. Something went wrong chemically during production. Note the Woodstock incident with the brown acid.
  16. Moving Pictures
    I'd suspect some of the people that experienced bad reactions (well that's an understatement when you slice your nuts off) had underlying mental problem that were either brought out by the LSD or made greatly worse by it. Acid isn't a harmless drug. Swim never had panic attacks and social anxiety and terrible depression until after he used LSD about 4 times and that was when he was way to young to be doing it. I think adolesecents are much more at risk for developing LSD related problems than the older population.
  17. Greenport
    SwiM thinks this guy had something to hide. If he flushed his testicles because they 'contained monsters' well, it's swiM's guess that he probably was guilty of something pretty horrendous. Just saying, noone cuts off their balls cause they have 'monsters' in them, unless they're on datura or really have some issues.
  18. EyesOfTheWorld
    Well, the reason the area is "awash in wash" is (and I'm not giving away any secret the DEA isnt already well aware of here) is that the region (Mid-Northern Cali) has been well known for being a manufacturing center. The cops cant quite figure out where it's being done, and the cooks always stay 3 steps ahead of them, but if they are farming out the local distribution to people who would take the product and cut off their monster-containing testes after, then the cooks need to lay off, and either search for better distribution to get it out East, where appetite for LSD is insatiable, or simply lay low for a while. Allowing it to be "handled" by self-castrating mutants is going to bring the WRONG kind of attention to the NoCal operation. Again, nothing SWIM is saying here isn't already common DEA knowledge.

    Perhaps the cooks have realized this, and rather than taking the intelligent approach and either laying low for a while or concentrating on getting high quality L to the East Coast, rather, they're cooking RCs under the old ALD-52 "it's not acid" defense. This will fail as any drug, legal or not, that causes self castration and multiple day trips is going to be analyzed VERY carefully by the authorities.

    SWIM doesnt see this ending well
  19. kryshen
    Does anyone else think this could be a demographic thing? i mean, if mental disturbances are genetic, and psychedelics open up predisposed people more effectively, you;d think a general population would have a higher rate of bad trips It would account for this. Perhaps a background check would be in order too. See if there was a tragedy that struck the town in the recent past? That's actually a really interesting possibility....

    Regardless it sounds like it was a bad batch as well.
  20. jamajessie

    Swim knows how important most mens manhood is to them. Swims thinks this would be worse than death for them.

    Swim has never took any kind of lsd. Stories like this will surely keep swim from doing it. Scary shit indeed!!!

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