LSD's got a hold on me!

By cra$h · May 13, 2009 · ·
  1. cra$h
    haha, if anyone's ever seen that video of the kids back in the 60's trippin balls, you'd know what I'm talking about. Good news though, the title's misleading kind of, but this has nothing to do with addiction! This is swim's experience with LSD for the first time:

    "At one point in my life, I suddenly decided it was his time to try LSD, and looked for it for a year. Finally, a friend of mine came up to me and told me of his powerful experience with this, chemical. then he popped the question: You in for next weekend? Of course I was, I've tried mushrooms, salvia, some crazy weed, I was ready. But You don't find LSD, LSD finds you. Now it's bicycle day, and the acid connect falls through, and I have to do some college shit for my mom, who's recently gone back to school. Beat. Real beat. I was supposed to trip with this sexy ass girl, and it all fell apart. What ever, next time hopefully. Swim's used to deals falling through, it's become all to common.
    Latter on in the week, on thursday, I heard my best friend from elementary school died. He was just an innocent ball of energy, and ironicly I was thinking about diggig up his phone number and giving him a call, since we haden't seen eachother since 7th grade. He was the last person I could imagine dying, and here I was with a NASTY bout of depression, and since thanksgiving not a day has gone by without me wanting to blow my brains out. No wonder I love opiates.... So Saturday was the funeral, and I went all by myself. I had seen familiar faces, but it was just too awkward to ask how they were doing since a kid just died. It didn't really choke me up until I saw his moms' face so detatched from reality. The saddest site anyone can ever witness. I'm still having a hard time trying to accept it. It just doesn't seem real. Anyways, after I left the funeral, I gave my friend a call, asking if he can get that acid. He was at some other kids house and being the retard I am, I drove around in circles looking for the place for a good hour. not good for the nerves. Then he gets in the car, and says it possibly won't happen. It broke my heart. So we finally got a hold of the dealer, and he said ok a half hour. Then we called an hour later and he said another half hour. Damn it's starting to get late too.
    Thankfully though, the dealer came through, and we got 5 hits of acid. 2 for my friend, 2 for me, and 1 for the chick I was supposed to hang out with last weekend. I gave her a call, and she couldn't get a ride, and I had started trippin'. What ever. So now it's around 6pm, and we dose up. The hits were so fucking small too, which leads to more problems. We chilled out a little bit in the woods, just waiting for it to kick in. Some kids came and went and that helped. So did a cigarette.
    The come-up was increadibly slow, but when it hit, it hit. The world seemed much more vivid, more comfortable, and just euphoric. I knew I was trippin' when I stared at a dandilion for 45 minutes, amazed at its complexity, and then digging through the grass, then removing a leaf to find a universe in a universe in a universe. The world was so perfectly complex!
    Then came the music. Atlantis by Donovan was just pure bliss! Dancing, twirling, spinning, jumping, singing, just like woodstock or something. Perception was heavily distorted, and hills seemed like waving mountains and slopes seemed like the drop of a rollercoaster, but it all flowed, and I flowed with it. Brain Damage by Pink Floyd proceeded, and swim was all out of breath, rolling around in the grass twirling his fingers in between the blades. Oh yea, the sunglasses. A pair of raybans with an orange reflective lense, completed with white-out spirals. If you've seen the lsd's got a hold of me video, you know what I'm talking about. They're rediculous.
    What's more rediculous? Average people. I had to travel up to a close mcdonalds for a little snack, and EVERYONE was just, goofy looking and so oblivous to the rest of the world. Luckily I ordered without losing it, but once I got out, so did the laughter. On my walk back, I actually noticed how nice of a day it was, and it was the first time in a long time I took the time to do so, and what a mood-boost that was. Here I am now laying there, and the clouds are just rolling by. Suddenly I happen to notice the one cloud has a face, and it's trying to communicate, but the lips are moving too slow to make a sound. It felt like god in the face of an ape was trying to reach me, but it just wasn't possible being that we work on two different mediums.
    Now the sun's down, and I had called a friend who I'm absolutely crazy about, and she stopped by to see how I was doing. On my way to meet up with her, I had to cross a field, and decided to run. This is when I felt the feeling of flight, and it was increadible! If I had just lifted up my legs, I would have been completely airborne, but I'm not that fucked up to try it. Then when I got there I was so exited that I could see my favorite person in the world, but it was awkward though. There's me, the drugged up, dark side of the world, and there was her, so pure and innocent. We talked for a little bit, and every couple seconds I'd flinch from the vibes the parking lot lights were giving off in intense waves. Then she went her seperate way. Sad, metaphoric, and impact will be saved for another time.
    Visuals at this point were pretty mild, since it was just slightly below average acid, but DAMN it was expensive. I was laying in an empty parking lot, starting at the light trying to grab the little refracted rays you see when you squint your eyes. Never did catch them though....maybe next time.
    Later on, around 9pm I hung out with some other friends, all sober, and none of them experienced with acid. I'd start laughing my ass off over something silly, pick a flower and just hold it in my mouth like a cigarette, and with my glasses and long shaggy hair, it was just a perfect picture of a hippy. Sad news though. In a fit of laughter, I had rolled over on my awsome sunglasses, and broke off a leg. I still wore them for a little though. They weren't needed in the dark, and I didn't want to look like a complete fool. My mindset and body language was very, different, especially at this point. If anyone has seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (anyone that's ever done a drug should right away!) I felt like Dr. Gonzo, or who ever Johnny Depp played. Please correct me if I'm wrong. My speech pattern, body language, or just complete loss of spinal control had me acting just like him. At the same time I had the wisdom of the samoan attourney too, especially the scene where they pick up the girl with the barbra strisan portraits.
    Skipping over less importaint parts, and now it's an hour later, 10pm, and I'm walking down a neighborhood. Never really noticed trees have personalities. Headlights came by, and instead of white, I seperated out all of the rays of colors, and it was just awsome. I closed my eyes at one point, and all of the lights turned to happy dancing and swirling daisys, but that's NOTHING compared to later.
    I had made it home safely, and this is when things got interesting. I watched south park, the scott tenorman must die episode, which is the one where cartman makes a kid who sold him pubes eat his parents through chili. This is when I realized he is the most evil person in the world. Now came a bong hit of Salvia 40x. I took one hit, held it, and said fuck it, lets go all out with another. Hit it again, and shit got bad. I had to place by home made bong safely under my bed, and gravity was getting worse and worse, all of the faces around me, which included skulls and skeletons and a piranah, started synically laughing at me and all I could think was "What the fuck did I just do?" There was an intense struggle to get into my bed, and once I got a blanket over me, the trip became overwhelming. Aztec faces started chomping at me, and sucked me into salvia land. I was spinning on tubes of eyes, which were spinning around these arches with eyes. The eyes were from an Alex grey painting, the same one on Tool's 10,000 days album with the face that's looking up. That's the same expression I probably had. Then When the salvia blended with the acid, I saw the rise and fall and rise and fall of the aztec empire. There was an island that became a city, lifted into the sky and somehow flooded, destroying the buildings. then the trees grew back, and the city rebuilt itself. Suddenly I was in the Aztec city, but it was modern day. It looked like a san fransisco house, but there were totem polls of aztec art as support beams. then I was in the suburbs, and it looked like a Hawaiian house, round and on short stilts with a grass roof. It had normal doors and windows though. Oh yea, I was listening to Hawkwind durring all this, which was around 45 minutes. Then I switched the music to a different band, and the CEV's were still flowing, but not nearly as intense and vivid. mostly just fractal figgures. Then around 4am i finally fell alseep completely, since from midnight to them I was just kind of drifting in and out of sleep. Finally, I woke up the next day completely fine and refreshed! lethargic and more questioning though. I felt above the simple minded robots of society."

    Thanks for reading swim's in-depth report. He wanted to get it up sooner, but was just too lazy. I'll post the impact of the trip later. It's getting late and I have to get up later. Thanks again!

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  1. scimor
    Like reading yer tale. 40x while tripping? Ludacris!
  2. scimor
    Nicely told. Jeez my donkey loved his LSD days! Now all he has is these anecdotes like yours to help him recall all of his amazing experiences. Thank You!
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