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Lynn man pleads innocent to dealing cocaine to undercover police officer

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Lynn man pleads innocent to dealing cocaine to undercover police office

    SALEM - A Lynn man and a Salem resident involved in a major drug trafficking operation remain free on bail after pleading innocent Wednesday in Salem Superior Court.

    Joel Gonzalez, 29, of 44 Laurence St., Lynn, and Ryan Fulti, 21, of 26 Summer St., Salem, each pleaded innocent to a charge of trafficking more than 200 grams of cocaine, a crime that will put them each behind bars for a mandatory 15 years with no chance of early parole.

    Gonzalez remains free on $25,000 cash and Fulti on $2,000 cash pending the outcome of their case.

    Salem Superior Court Judge Jack T. Lu agreed to continue their case to Nov. 9 for pretrial conference.

    The charge stems from their arrest in Lawrence on June 24 when they allegedly sold 2 kilograms of cocaine to an undercover officer who paid the men $62,000 in cash.

    The cocaine is worth $200,000 on the street, police said. Their arrest followed a three-month probe by authorities.

    A third alleged participant, Hallinson Hernandez, 31, of Lynn, is expected to be arraigned next month on similar charges. He currently remains held at the Middleton Jail in lieu of bail.

    Hernandez allegedly had sold large amounts of cocaine to the undercover officer several weeks before the sting.

    On the day of their arrest, Hernandez drove to an undisclosed location in Lawrence and sold the cocaine while Gonzalez and Fulti, who were with Hernandez but in a separate car, reportedly transported and delivered the drugs.

    By Karen A. Kapsourakis



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