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  1. Mr Bumble
    Fucking wiki warriors get by back up
    Talking shit like you no it all
    Cos you read a wiki page and smoked a bowl

    Fuck that I’ve lived it mother fucker
    I’m a fucking veteran
    Life hardened with the scars to prove it
    Droppin some knowledge so man up and use it

    Cos mother fucker I’ve been there and done that
    Robbed dealers and sold crack
    Stuck drugs in my arm died and come back
    Been stabbed and shot at
    Done crime and hard time
    Detoxed and rehabbed again and again.
    Seen my friends die lost to the game

    Can you really say the same?

    I ain’t fucking stupid either
    I’ve read the books and know the facts
    But life’s a different a different boat
    It ain’t always like the wiki’s you quote

    Can’t step to you with my fists so smacking you with my lyrical pimp cane
    Jot the lyrics with my pen cos your out of reach the sword
    Then slap you with my mother fiucking keyboard


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