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    Oklahoma City police arrested child film star Macaulay Culkin, 24, Friday
    afternoon after a traffic stop near Interstate 44 and Kelley. NEWS 9 report

    Culkin was taken to the Oklahoma County jail and was booked on complaints
    of possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a prescription,
    possession of marijuana, and a municipal charge of possession of marijuana.
    Becker said the total weight of the marijuana was approximately 17.3 grams.

    His bail was set at $4,000, which he made two hours later.

    As he left the jail, Culkin did not talk to reporters, only saying,
    "Jesus," when he saw news media at the scene.

    Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jeffrey Becker said about 3:50 p.m. an Oklahoma
    City patrol officer saw a tan car traveling at a high rate of speed and
    stopped the car near I-44 and Kelley Avenue.

    Becker said the driver, Brett M. Tabisel, 22, of New York consented to a

    Becker said the officer then asked Culkin to step out and put a dog he had
    with him on a leash. The officer advised Culkin that Tabisel had given him
    consent to search the vehicle.

    Becker said Culkin then told the officer he had $3,000 in a black bag on
    the floor. Culkin showed the officer where the bag was and they opened it
    together. Becker said the officer found a plastic bag of what appeared to
    be fresh cut marijuana. Becker said Tabisel then told the officer there
    were prescription drugs in the car. When the officer asked Culkin about the
    drugs, Becker said Culkin pulled a clear plastic bag out of his pants
    pocket which contained about 24 pills which included Xanex and sleeping pills.

    Becker said another search of the car the officer found a silver metal
    cigarette box that contained six handrolled marijuana cigarettes and two
    small burnt cigarettes.

    Tabisel was ticketed for speeding, making an improper lane change, and a
    municipal charge of marijuana possession. He was released and took custody
    of the dog and the vehicle.

    Becker said Culkin and Tabisel were traveling from New York to Los Angeles.

    "When he posted bond, he was free to go wherever he wants to go," Becker said.

    Becker said the officers described both Culkin and Tabisel as being very
    cooperative and did not cause any problems during the arrest.

    In Los Angeles, Culkin's publicist, Michelle Bega, declined to comment.

    Culkin is best known for his starring roles in "Home Alone" and "Home Alone
    2." He al
    so has appeared in numerous other films, including "The Good Son,"
    "Richie Rich," and this year's release, "Saved!," co-starring singer and
    actress Mandy Moore.

    He had also briefly "retired" from acting in 1995, married, then divorced
    two years later in 2000, according to information from the Web
    site, which tracks information in the film industry.

    Contributing: The Associated Press

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