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Magic mushroom seller's action fails

By freakybass · Jan 29, 2006 · ·
  1. freakybass
    The owner of a shop in Cork city which sells magic mushrooms has failed in her bid to temporarily stop Customs seizing her shipments from Holland.

    Helen Stone began selling the mushrooms last June. Her shop also deals in clothes and other natural products.

    Customs and excise began stopping her mushroom shipments in August. They told her they contained an illegal substance, a derivative of psilo-cybin.

    Lawyers for customs said it was not lawful to possess the mushrooms even though they are in their natural state.

    Ms. Stone’s lawyers said they were not illegal, that they imported from a wholesaler in Holland and then sold in her shop without being dried out or processed.

    Today, they sought a temporary injunction pending the full hearing of the case to stop the seizure of her shipments.

    Ms. Justice Laffoy denied her that injunction but agreed that there was issue to tried-the case is up for mention on the 16th of February.



  1. Nature Boy
    With this guilty before proven innocent attitude the judges have, there's no need to place any bets on whether shrooms will be banned in Ireland or not.
  2. Alfa
    Well this is not over yet: let's see what happens on februari 16.
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