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"Magic mushroom traffic chicanes must go"

By Miss Match, Jun 6, 2010 | Updated: Jun 15, 2010 | | |
  1. Miss Match
    A Palmerston North man has threatened to pour concrete over council-installed traffic chicanes because he believes magic mushrooms are growing there.

    The man, who did not want his name used for fear of retribution from drug users, said he had seen people pick magic mushrooms from traffic chicanes near his Moheke Ave home. The chicanes, designed to reduce speed, feature bark-lined gardens and plants.

    "You get all of these deadbeats digging up the bark looking for them," he said. "It's no good because there are kids around."
    When he contacted the city council, a staffer told him a "course of action" had been taken.

    "They come and pick them but they'll grow back the next day."
    The man wants the bark to be removed or covered. "If they don't go and do something, I'll concrete over them myself."

    Roading manager Graeme Tong said the council would take action if mushrooms were found on the chicanes. Detective Sergeant Dave Thompson said magic mushrooms were not prevalent in Palmerston North, but had been found near Massey University in the past. Mr Thompson said anyone who saw people suspiciously gathering mushroom should contact authorities.

    By JONATHON HOWE - Manawatu Standard



  1. alienfetus
    He sounds like an old prick. Damned kids and their rock and roll music!!
  2. Coconut
    How does he know they are magic mushrooms, given how difficult it is to positively identify psychoactive fungi even with experience and knowledge?
  3. Birkill
    I bet he wouldnt be a fun guy to be around at a party!
  4. Thirdedge
    He sounds like a nasty piece of work alright. The effort some rednecks will go to to prevent others from having fun is something that has always puzzled swim. These are likely the same type of misguided scumbags who used to beat up gays or blacks thinking they were doing the world a favor.

    In saying that he is probably correct about the shrooms being magic. Most council gardens in New Zealand are covered with bark and the shrooms certainly do pop up in many city centers. Swim has always avoided these shrooms due to the risk of them being sprayed or otherwise contaminated, but others are less fussy.
  5. marijuanaking
    ok hes saying its no good cause theres kids around. doesnt he realise these "deadbeats" are removing the mushrooms and therefore removing the childrens access to the shrooms?! i fucking hate what government propaganda has done to give our fellow drug users a bad name.
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