1. Alfa
    Daily Mirror Friday April 23rd 2004
    An artist caught with 73 bags of magic mushrooms at Glastonbury Festival walked free from court after claiming he intended to build a sculpture of a volcano from them.
    Stephen Thomas,43,allegedly told police who arrested him he planned to sell each bag of the dried fungi for £10.
    He later denied possessing a class A drug with intent to supply.
    A Bristol jury was discharged after it failed to reach a verdict.
    Thomas, from Sheffield,had told them: "I was going to make a magic mushroom sculpture and gaze up at it."
    The prosecution now has a week to decide whether to drop the case or bring a re-trial


  1. manda
    I guess there's another reaosn why telling the police anything other than is required by law is stupid- the biggest claim against him came out of his own mouth!!!
  2. Insane Asian
    no he lives some place in ther netherlands, that is a tight story, crazy innovative artists and there stories... magic mushroom sculpture lol thats tight
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