Maintaining Control

By tramster · Aug 19, 2010 · ·
  1. tramster
    Yesterday swim came to the realisation that he has been gradually losing his self-control with Tramadol usage over the last few weeks.

    Until recently, swim has always been sensible and very much in control of his usage, limiting to 50mg a day and taking regular breaks.

    However, not only has swim stopped taking breaks over the last few weeks, he's started taking 100mg on the odd occasion, and on a few occasions taking 150mg.

    The euphoria swim normally experienced from 50mg has now all but gone, and swim puts this down to tolerance and not taking breaks from the drug like he used to. Hence why swim has begun increasing the dose sometimes to try and experience the euphoria again.

    A long conversation in DF chat last night with opiate addicts, made swim realise that one of the key factors in an occasional drugs usage turning into a full blown serious addiction is the loss of self-control, leading to tolerance, higher dosing and eventually use of more potent drugs.

    Swim was able to see from his own usage pattern that he is on the same path and is losing self-control over his usage. It is easy to become too dependent on Tramadol or slip into a habit, where you take it without even thinking about it as soon as you wake up, because you want to feel good and have loads of energy.

    However, swim has now realised, if he wants to avoid tolerance, and moving up the drugs ladder so to speak, he needs to get a handle on his usage quickly and start taking breaks again, before it's too late.

    Therefore, swim has decided to re-establish his self-control and go 24 hours without Tramadol, then take things form there. Maybe go another day after that and wait until weekend before re-using.

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    Swm was surprised this evening to find out that tramadol has been used as such...when her pet hamster used to work in pharmaceudicals they both were able to experience a plethera of different drugs. Tramadol was a favorite, even a half of pill would knock them both out. They often used it when coming down from cokeand needed sleep. Is it common to use this drug and get high?
  2. kailey_elise
    extremely common,! even moreso if one's in a place where they can order it easily online!

    It's a novel/atypical opioid with SSRI properties. Withdrawal from it is apparently a SuperBitch, because one gets opioid withdrawal *AND* SSRI withdrawal all at the same time! Yippee! ;)

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