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Major drug bust at Brownsville neighborhood

By buseman · Jun 4, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Brownsville Police told Action 4 News they began staking out a home on Tecuan Drive since Wednesday.

    Thursday afternoon they started to notice a lot of movement at an apartment complex on 5778 Tecuan Drive specifically unit # 3.

    Minutes later they also spotted bundles being unloaded from a vehicle and taken inside the home.

    That prompted investigators to knock on the door and take a closer look.

    They noted that there was a vehicle in the driveway, said Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique with the Brownsville Police Department. It was unloading and carrying the packages inside the home.

    A neighbor who lives in the apartment complex and called herself “Rose” said she was terrified when she saw it all happen.

    Well we heard yelling and banging and I saw some guys going up stairs with guns in their hands, said Rose.

    Rose told Action 4 the apartment is rented out to Martha Hernandez and her 3 kids.

    Although the events where dramatic Rose said it’s not shocking to see her neighbor Martha in trouble.

    Rose said some time back she had reported her neighbors’ odd behavior to the land lord but she did nothing.

    She told me I’m evicting you because she's my niece and I’m going to give her preference…and look how the niece came out to be a drug dealer.

    In total 589 pounds of marijuana were confiscated worth close to 200-thousand dollars.

    In the end, Hernandez was arrested along with Luis Enrique Almanza, Noe Ledezma, and Saul Gomez.

    All 4 suspects face multiple charges.

    Mary Avila


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