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Major drug bust in Melbourne's northern suburbs

  1. SmokeTwibz
    Detectives seized more than $19 million worth of cannabis crops and arrested almost two dozen people in a major drug bust in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

    The Drug Task Force police raided 46 homes and uncovered 6387 cannabis plants during Operation Taxa.

    Nineteen people were arrested after house raids in suburbs including Deer Park, Brookfield, Tarneit, Sunshine North, Caroline Springs and Avondale Heights.

    Assistant Commissioner Stephen Fontana said the aim of Operation Taxa was to crack-down on organised crime syndicates.

    “This successful operation has sent a clear message to those taking part in this illegal activity - police are taking it seriously and will continue to target cannabis grow houses throughout the state,” Mr Fontana said.

    “There seems to be this acceptance in the community with regard to cannabis use and this must change.”

    “As well as the serious health risks, the use of illicit drugs in the community is also a key driver in volume and violent crime, and also contributes to our road toll.”

    Since the raids, a number of people have been charged with a range of offences including trafficking a large commercial quantity of cannabis and cultivating a large commercial quantity of cannabis.

    The operation, which is still ongoing, kicked off July 30.

    Christopher Gillett
    Herald Sun | October 15, 2012 8:36AM

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  1. kumar420
    so instead of even considering decriminilization they want to throw everyone who gets caught with a traffickable quantity in jail, under the pretext that it will 'put a dent in organized crime'. and i sincerely doubt cannabis in particular has any link to violent crime, especially in melbourne. that city runs on coke, pills and meth.
  2. Grower'sDelight
    Why must this logical way of thinking change?I hope the growers of Australia fight back against the oppressive Australian Government. This needs to stop!!!!!!
  3. RabbiSmith
    Wow. The line saying that the acceptance in the community must change just floors me, and not in a good way. I don't know how many people have read Derrick Jensen's Walking on Water, but in it he says a good method to removing bias and prejudice, and seeing where your beliefs really lie, is to keep asking "why"?

    "The acceptance in the community must change."
    "Because cannabis is Schedule 8, with no accepted medical value, and high potential for abuse (Not too sure on the Australian system, but work with me). By being accepting of such a dangerous substance, we invite it in; more people use it, more people try it, more people suffer from it."
    "Why is it bad that people use/try it, or that it's more prevalent in society?" (Ignoring the suffering, that is highly subjective and controversial)
    "It is bad because it has no medical value, and high potential for addiction. Also it can lead to using more harmful drugs, and invites crime, etc."
    "Why does it have no medical value? There are plenty of studies that show it in fact DOES. Anything can be habit forming, and cannabis is no different. Why are habit forming things bad? Why can it lead to using more harmful drugs, and why does it invite crime?"
    "Well.. uhhhh... those studies showing the medical value are obviously FALSE. It is harmless to be in a habit of watching Jersey Shore, but a cannabis habit can be harmful on the lungs and may cause short term memory impairment. And once users enjoy the high, the same drug dealers they got some reefer from might also have some other dangerous substances, and can offer them to the buyer. It invites crime because drug dealers, and the gangs/cartels that move the drugs, must resort to violence to settle disputes."
    "If we concede the point that cannabis is indeed harmful, why is a cannabis habit illegal, but a cigarette habit, that is just as damaging, is not? Why do these drug dealers have such a selection?"
    "A cannabis habit is illegal because it is bad to be high, and wrong. Kids these days are always chasing the HIGH, when they should just learn to work hard and do well in school. Cigarettes do not produce any extreme effects akin to a high, and thus are bad. And these drug dealers have so many drugs because they are dealing cannabis, and thus are already breaking the law, so it is no matter to break it some more with other drugs".
    "Why is it wrong to try to get high? Why do these dealers decide to break the law in the first place?" (I'm ignoring the fact that without cannabis being illegal, the buyer would never see the hard drugs in the first place)
    "It's just plain wrong to become intoxicated, and to mess with your mind. The dealers begin dealing because of the money to be gained."
    "Why is it wrong to mess with one's own mind? Am I denied that freedom? Can you show me where? Why is there so much money to be gained?"
    "Uhhhhh well.... hmm.. No one's denying you your freedom to your own mind.... And there's a lot of money to be had because of the demand for it."
    "So the same society that SHOULDN'T be accepting of cannabis, because you are FORCING them to on perceived threats like increased crime, drug abuse, organ damage, etc, actually ACCEPTS drugs, ACCEPTS pursuing highs/altered states of mind, based on the fact that there's a DEMAND for it. People have decided that sometimes drugs benefits and recreational potential are worth the damage - look at alcohol, many people use it for social reasons and the increased confidence that accompanies it. And if the people decide they want it, regardless of perceived threats, and the government is made up of the people... who are we to deny them?"
    "B-b-but.. Reef- uhh- Cannabis is extremely dangerous.. uhhh .. muh schedule 8.. uhhh"

    Sorry for the long rant.. I am extremely mad at these close-minded opinions. Why can they not at least be open to a discussion? It's always a zero-tolerance stance, at all times. And yeah that may have been off topic but I was just trying to humorously demonstrate that if these people would ever thoroughly examine what they have been spewing for decades, they would see that not all of what they think is 100% true. Maybe they would actually become open to reasonable solutions, and could meet full-legalization advocates (like myself) on some sort of middle ground.. it may provide the best solution for the greatest amount of people.

    Food for thought, you know?
  4. kumar420
    pot busts all over the country have been increasing lately. seems that the australian police force is looking to 'reassure' the citizens of the country that their tactics are working by busting the least harmful people in the drug world... because they don't have a hope against organised crime.
    shit, i read a report stating that around 85-90% of the cocaine seized in australia is south american in origin, yet the cops waste time and taxpayer's resources targeting a very tiny section of the drug world, one that has no bearing on the lives of the 'average' person. go after the guys with the guns, for god's sake.
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