Major Whitley County prescription pill Bust

By buseman · Jul 15, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Hill got off exit fifteen just north of Williamsburg and entered this Shell station. Other customers in the station noticed he was intoxicated and called in again to the Whitley County Sheriff's Department.

    Deputy Ron Bowling was the first on the scene.

    I was able to make entry into the store un-announced. I observed the subject standing in front of the register that appeared to be severely impaired, creating a disturbance within the store.

    I immediately took him into custody and removed him from the store out to the parking lot of the store itself, said Bowling.

    Upon searching Hill, police found a seven-inch tactical knife as well as more than one hundred and fifty Xanax pills. When the deputies searched his vehicle, they found much more.

    Prescription medication is a problem in our area right now, the pipeline is coming through 75. However this is a large volume of pills, one of the largest volumes we've seen in a while.

    A total of 922 pills were found with a street value of more than $4,000.

    Traditionally Xanax goes for five dollars a pill. You know your Oxycodone, your Percocet, which are popular Florida pills they're much more expensive.

    It obviously is profitable, but keep in mind to those that are going to Florida, you are eventually gonna get caught, said Dan Smoot, director of law enforcement for Operation UNITE.

    Smoot says it's becoming more and more difficult for those transporting pills through the pipeline to do so undetected as law enforcement agencies join forces nation-wide.

    The problem is getting better, it's just identifying these people and catching them before they're able to sell these drugs on the street.

    Hill is being held in the Whitley County Detention Center on a 20,000 dollar cash bond.

    Sean Evans
    Jul 14, 2010


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