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Malaysia: Drug Mules Being Recruited On Facebook

  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Malaysia: Drug Mules Being Recruited On Facebook

    Malaysian officials claim that young college-age women are being befriended on Facebook and then convinced to smuggle drugs into Africa, South America, and other Asian countries.

    Since 1991, 785 of all 1560 Malaysians arrested overseas have been drug mules. 149 of those were women, and about 70 have been sentenced to death. But with Facebook, says Deputy Foreign Minister Richard Riot Jaem, things could get worse. He told the AFP news agency that “these girls are being lured by these men on Facebook, these men chat with them, become friends, gain the girls’ trust, then use them as drug mules to smuggle narcotics.”

    Jaem added that most of the recruiters are from Nigeria and South Africa. The men offer the girls paid holidays to Japan, China, or South America, asking the girls to carry bags or packages…which obviously contain drugs.

    “We are advising these internet-savvy, university-aged girls to think before accepting such holidays and gifts as such things always come with strings attached,” he added.

    These declarations come on the heels of last month’s news of a 22-year-old Malaysian girl arrested in China, suspected of drug trafficking.

    December 2, 2010


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