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Malaysian held on kratom charge

By seaturtle, Apr 15, 2013 | |
  1. seaturtle
    SONGKHLA - A Malaysian woman was arrested at the southern border and charged with smuggling 98 kilogrammes of kratom leaves into Thailand.

    Customs authorities arrested Adila binte Tioma after she refused to stop her Thailand-bound car for a full check at the border in Sadao district, and sped off from the checkpoint. Authorities chased the Proton with the registration plate, PDU 382, until the driver lost control and hit a tree about seven kilometres from the Thai-Malaysian border.

    Customs authorities searches Adila bin Tioma's car and find kratom leaves after the Malaysian woman escaped a border check in Sadao district, Songkhla, on Wendesday. (Photo by Wichayant Boonchote)

    They found the leaves, which are illegal under Thai law, hidden in the passenger’s compartment and the trunk.
    Mrs Adila, 27, said she drove the car for her husband and two children and did not know she was carrying a huge number of packages of kratom leaves, authorities said.
    According to her story after she was arrested, Mrs Adila's husband telephoned her and asked her to drive him to Thailand for a visit.
    Her husband, she said, had leapt from the car when it hit the tree. He ran away, leaving her with the drugs and responsibility.
    Authorities were not convinced by her statement and suspected that she and her husband tried to blend in as normal tourists in order to the deliver kratom to a buyer in the deep South, where drug smuggling is a major problem.
    The kratom leaf is widely used as part of a home-made narcotic consisting of a soft drink, cough syrup and kratom. It is a popular mix among young southern addicts.



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