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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian police arrested 14 people and seized an assortment of drugs worth 10.5 million ringgit (3.5 million dollars) from a suspected drug lab in the northern state of Penang, a newspaper reported Thursday.

    Following complaints from neighbours, police carried out a five-month surveillance operation on six units at a luxury apartment development in the state and raided the premises on May 12, the New Straits Times newspaper said.

    Officers discovered that the units had been used as drug laboratories to produce ecstasy, methamphetamine and ketamine for local distribution.
    Authorities also seized an automatic pistol, 77 bullets and drug-processing paraphernalia.

    Police arrested 14 people, including 12 locals and two Chinese women, aged between 20 and 52.

    Officers said the raid marked the biggest drug haul in the state this year.
    The suspects, who were remanded for questioning, will be charged with drug trafficking, which carries the mandatory death sentence.

    May 19, 2011


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