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Male arrested following operation targeting drug manufacture

By buseman, May 21, 2010 | Updated: May 21, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Drug Squad detectives have arrested and charged a man during an operation targeting drug manufacture and supply on the state’s Central Coast.

    About 5pm yesterday (Thursday 20 May, 2010), detectives from the Drug Squad, with assistance from investigators from the Brisbane Waters Local Area Command, executed search warrants at homes on Banyan Close at Wyoming and Campbell Crescent in Terrigal.

    During the search warrants, police located and seized 3.6 kilograms of amphetamine, steroids, equipment used in the manufacture of prohibited drugs, and a stun gun.

    The 36-year-old Terrigal man was arrested and subsequently charged with two counts of supply large commercial quantity of amphetamine; possess prescribed restricted substances; possess prohibited weapon; and breach of bail conditions.

    He was refused bail and is to appear at Gosford Local Court today.

    Strike Force Goderich comprises detectives from the State Crime Command’s Drug Squad and was established in October 2009 to investigate the alleged manufacture and supply of amphetamine and MDMA (ecstasy) on the Central Coast.

    Investigations are continuing.

    Friday, 21 May 2010



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