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Man admits 10,000-pill ecstasy operation

  1. buseman
    A Northern Territory man has pleaded guilty to organising a cross-border drug smuggling operation between Darwin and Adelaide worth millions of dollars.

    Peter Reginald Blyss, 43, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Darwin to possessing, selling and trafficking crystal methylamphetamine, ecstasy and cannabis.

    Blyss admitted he paid an Adelaide man $14,000 to transport 10,000 ecstasy tablets from an Adelaide drug cartel to Darwin so that he could sell them in August 2008.

    The court heard the Adelaide man also brought crystal meth and cannabis, which Blyss had not ordered, but still planned to sell.

    In total the drugs were worth over $2 million.

    Blyss said he was not profiting from selling drugs but using the money to feed his own addiction.

    He will appear in court for sentencing next Wednesday.

    By Jane Bardon
    Fri Jul 9, 2010


  1. xenos
    Sounds like an expensive addiction! Thank you for sharing
  2. Tamis
    Indeed !

    I'm tempted to laugh....
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