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Man allegedly leaves heroin in rental car

  1. str8ballin
    A man who returned a rental car allegedly forgot to take along 88 bags of heroin he had left in the car.

    Employees of an Enterprise Rent-A-Car agency called police and reported finding the drugs hidden under a layer of napkins in the car's console, authorities said.

    Using information found in the wallet the man also left behind, Detective Daniel Baranoski of nearby Middletown contacted Robert Laguerre, posing as someone who had found the heroin, and told him he wanted to return the drugs for a reward, authorities said.

    Baranoski set up a meeting with Laguerre at a mall in this Philadelphia suburb, and Laguerre was arrested when he arrived, police said.

    Laguerre was arraigned Thursday on charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He had been released from a New Jersey prison in April after serving time for heroin distribution.

    Enterprise spokesman Lee Broughton said people often leave bizarre things in rental cars, but this was the first time he had heard of heroin.


  1. Thegreatone
    i read that in my paper what a dumb shit.
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