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Man arrested after ramming car

By buseman, Jun 8, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    SOUTH OGDEN -- A Salt Lake City man who tried to ram police officers with his vehicle during an intercepted drug delivery is now in jail.

    Rodolfo Anguiano Mendez was booked into Weber County Jail on suspicion of two counts of attempted homicide, two counts of assault on a police officer, possession of heroin with intent to distribute and evading arrest.

    Mendez was driving June 4 in the 4300 block of Jefferson Avenue in South Ogden when police officers attempted to pull him over, said Sgt. Troy Burnett of the Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force.

    After Mendez crashed into an unmarked police car in the opposite lane, he went up on the sidewalk, into a yard and then back into the street, went up over to 42nd (Street) and turned east on 42nd, while attempting to ram a second car, Burnett said.

    At a dead end at the 900 block of 42nd Street, Mendez tried unsuccessfully to drive through two fences to escape, then fought officers from the strike force and Ogden Police as they took him into custody, Burnett said.

    Mendez attempted to ditch 380 balloons (about 45 grams) of heroin with a street value of $7,600, during the arrest, Burnett said.

    I don't know if he was too concentrated on trying to throw the evidence out the window or what, Burnett said.

    We've done quite a few heroin cases recently, but this guy was at the next level as far as doing what he needed to do to get away.

    Mendez is an illegal immigrant and had an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement hold placed on him at booking, Burnett said.

    A passenger in Mendez's vehicle, Juliana Montelongo, did not resist arrest and was booked into Weber County Jail on suspicion of possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

    With information from the arrest, officials conducted a search of Mendez and Montelongo's home at 1299 W. 240 North in Salt Lake City, where they found another 16.4 grams of heroin, Burnett said.

    The arrests are the most recent for the strike force with connections to the Salt Lake City area.

    A series of drug busts the week before resulted in the seizure of nearly $600,000 worth of marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines being transported into Weber County from the Salt Lake area.

    Jun 8 2010


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