man arrested after taking pot plant photo

By mopsie · May 15, 2006 · ·
  1. mopsie
    Man Arrested After Taking Pot Plant Photo

    An east Georgia man landed in jail after photographing his healthy plants and going to local drug store to have the pictures developed.

    His bumper crop was marijuana, according to police, who arrested him as he went to pick the photos up.

    Statesboro Police Capt. L. C. Williams said Byron Charles Mattheeussen, 21, was charged Tuesday with manufacturing marijuana, manufacturing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a housing project, and possession of drug related objects.

    Williams said a photo lab technician called police after seeing the subject of the photos. Officers confirmed the plants in the pictures were marijuana, he said.

    After getting a search warrant, he said, police found 42 suspected marijuana plants growing in and around the residence, along with tools, literature on growing marijuana and pot-smoking paraphernalia.

    Mattheeussen was taken to the Bulloch County Jail and issued an ****property bond.

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  1. Sitbcknchill
    Damn now swim has heard of 1,000 feet of a 1,000 feet of the projects....

    All in all the person should have known better....but hey all potheads know how they tend to forget minor details once in awhile....right? lol
  2. RealGanjaMan
    Those 1,000 foot rules are ridiculous. I can sort of understand church and school, but housing project? That is waaaaay unneccesary. Ughhh. The war on drugs is so stupid.

    That guy has got to be pretty dumb to try and develop those photos though. You would think he would at least try to go to one of the machine-developed photo places.

  3. Silence_Inc
    well dumb - maybe - but swim has had pictures of his plants develoloped and no problem at all. here it's kinda more known to be - something like alcohol and not really a DRUG ...

    i find it very stupid that the developer acted as a real b***h! a broken window would suite his store well now.

    people that think they know whats right for others suck.
  4. klaatu
    I agree that all these "1,000 feet" rules are getting confusing. Why don't they simplify it to a single rule of "Not within a 1,000 feet of any road or highway" - that would make things soooo much simpler.

  5. Psych0naut
    What does it matter anyway, those 1,000feet?
    Maybe because the dried buds may pose a fire threat?
    Chemical labs I understand, but growing marijuana..
  6. Alfa
    Photo developers are legaly obliged to alert the police on breaches of the law. I know this is the case in the Netherlands and very likely in most other countries as well. Not many people realise this. So the guy might as well have walked straight to the police station with his pictures.
  7. OccularFantasm
    Hopefully this guy will get fancy camera that can be devloped at home when he gets out. Also those 1000 foot rules serve no civil purpose, but swim imagine it simply makes it easier to arrest people. Its the equivalent of telling people if they get within 1000 feet of a chineese food place, they are by law a communist and will be arrested. More fines = more money for the piggers. Swim beleives this is pretty much the case for any non-violent crime.
  8. grandbaby
    Well, these marijuana "manufacturers" need a bit of a come-uppance, durnit.

    I'm planning on manufacturing some raspberries in my garden this year, and manufacturing some flowers, too. I gots a problem in that somebody keeps manufacturing dandelions in my lawn and I can't figure out who it is. Terrorists, probably. Maybe next year I'll pave the whole damn yard; that'll show 'em. An acre of asphalt, plus eternal vigilance, is the price of "freedom."
  9. Sky Walker
    Old thread so I'll venture off topic. Grandbaby, any chance you watch that show, two and a half men?

    Seriously though, those 1000 feet laws are ridiculous, then again as to are the rest, mostly.
  10. grandbaby
    Ah, no, never heard of it. Don't have a TV, actually. Why?
  11. Nicaine
    Why not just a good digital camera + photo printer instead?
  12. Sky Walker
    ...healthy gums. Stupid really, just reminded me of that line from the show. I should throw away my television.
  13. grandbaby
    I chucked my TV when I was 19. Haven't had one since. Much better off for it (though if there's a Betty Ford Clinic for internet addicts I'm probably a candidate)...
  14. The Doors
    A digital camera and a computer would do the trick.

    Alfa is right, Canada has the same laws on those and developpers are also allowed to not give you back photos that would be discriminating.

    Back on the subject, pot growers and smokers are dangerous criminals and threat to society, much more then pedophiles and murderers and psycho lunatics.
  15. AntiAimer
    What a idiot!

    Also people must realise they make up anything to get another charge. The more charges, the more $ in there pocket. Also a better case in court to f#ck the person over.

    What Smurf would like to see is someone actually counting the 1000 feet to see if that arguements even valid.
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