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Man arrested at the post office after collecting parcel of ayahuasca

  1. torachi
    15787.jpg A man has been arrested on suspicion of a crime against public health after being surprised when collecting a parcel from Madrid containing 13 liters of ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic substance considered psychoactive, sources said yesterday Guardia Civil of Public Prosecutions.

    The arrested, 46, of Spain, was released yesterday to Chief Justice James Pinsach, who ordered his release under the obligation to appear in court on the 1st and 15th of each month, judicial sources said. Despite the amount of substance intervened, "one of the most important at national level", according to the Guardia Civil, the purity can determine the seriousness of the facts.

    The arrest took place last Tuesday at the post office of Santa Gertrudis, when the arestee went to pick up a package certificate that came from Brazil and whose delivery was being monitored by agents of the Organized Crime Team and Civil Guard Counterdrug.

    In the presence of his lawyer, he was arrested and committed, Chief Officer of the magistrate No. 4 opened the package containing 13 liters of a liquid extracted from the plant to be known as ayahuasca, stated the sources.

    This plant is native to the Amazon and frequently used by indigenous tribes and shamans to perform various rites, according to the information provided, and effects are "different" for each who consume it, but it is a powerful hallucinogenic substance.

    The active ingredient in ayahuasca is known as DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and is considered psychotropic drug, so its marketing and distribution in Spain is prohibited. Moreover, according to the Guardia Civil, the dose of the substance consumed is measured in milliliters, so much stress that operated in Santa Gertrudis is "the largest seizure of Islands" and one of the most important in the field.

    In his appearance before the judge on duty, the accused, which is a tattoo artist, admitted taking the substance in tea, the prosecutor detailed in sources. He also indicated he did not know the contents of the received packet. As noted, a friend said she sent a gift but did not say what it was.

    After the statement, the representative of the prosecution sought admission of the detainee in custody, who evaded bail of 1,000 euros. In this regard, the prosecutor noted that the ayahuasca is considered a substance that causes serious damage to health, and are pending to determine its purity.



  1. sambra
    Spain was considered a safe place in Europe where to import ayah.
    I'm very sorry that times are going bad even there.
    Daime churches were tolerated in Spain but this precedent sound IMHO as a strong warning for many people involved in the medicine's communities
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