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Man arrested, charged following massive $5.9 million cannabis bust

By buseman, Jun 7, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A man has been arrested and charged after police seized more than $5.9 million worth of cannabis during a raid at Wagga Wagga, in the state’s Riverina region.

    Detectives from Wagga Wagga Local Area Command executed a search warrant at a property on Holbrook Road about 12.30pm yesterday (Sunday 6 June) and allegedly uncovered more than 800 mature cannabis plants being grown hydroponically in a secret underground concrete bunker.

    They also allegedly seized in excess of 150kg of cannabis leaf and drug paraphernalia.

    The cannabis plants and leaf have an estimated potential street value of approximately $5.9 million.

    As a result of inquiries, a 50-year-old Wagga Wagga man was arrested by police attached to Eastern Suburbs Local Area Command at a Bondi Junction shopping centre about 5.30pm.

    He was taken to Waverley Police Station and questioned by Wagga Wagga detectives overnight before being charged with Cultivate Large Commercial Quantity of Prohibited Plant and Take Part in the Supply of Commercial Quantity Prohibited Drug.

    The alleged offender has been refused bail to appear in Waverley Local Court today.

    Also seized were 16 rifles and 3 pistols hidden upon the property. It is expected that further charges will be laid at a later date in relation to these. Investigations by Wagga Wagga detectives are continuing.

    Anyone with information on the supply, manufacture or cultivation of prohibited drugs is urged to contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Monday, 07 Jun


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