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Man arrested for drug dealing on Internet forum

  1. Alfa
    Man arrested for drug dealing on Internet forum 2 channel

    Tuesday 26th August, 10:08 AM JST


    Police on Monday arrested a 35-year-old unemployed man in Saitama for selling illegal drugs through the Internet to customers nationwide. Hidetaka Moriya, 32, who is currently being tried for another drug-related case, was arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs to five people who live in Hiroshima Prefecture between July, 2006, and October, 2007. Moriya also illegally used a bank account with a different name for the transaction.

    According to police investigations, Moriya sold drugs to 74 people, 9 of whom have already been arrested, posting messages on the Internet forum “2 channel.” Police said he bought drugs from gangsters and made a profit of about 18 million yen.

    Moriya was quoted by police as saying, “My friend, who was my classmate at junior high school, showed me how to set up the business.”

    Moriya had been arrested for illegal possession of drugs last October and has been in custody awaiting trial since then, according to police.



  1. El Calico Loco
    Interesting that they call him "unemployed." It seems obvious that his job was selling drugs. Why tack that on, except as a pejorative?

  2. Sitbcknchill
    No mention of what kind of illegal drugs?
  3. Alfa
    I couldn't find any mention of it.
    18.000.000 Yen is €116.000
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